Just give it a try…Day 14 of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge

The last day of the 14 Day Bodyweight Challenge!  You can find the workout at the end of this post.  

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you did itBack to the challenge…we are at Day 14 and if you are still with us…You Did It!  You have reached the end of this journey.  If you stuck with it you developed a great habit and your body should be a little more ready to keep moving (and the exercises shouldn’t feel as grueling as Day 1!)

Ok…I know every moment may not have been fun…or pretty at all times…or maybe even exciting 100% of the time.  But each moment you tried, no matter how it looked…you did it.

I recently saw a quote that irked me a bit because it just wasn’t true.  It said…

“There is no try.”

I completely & whole heartedly disagree!

If you try you are working towards something.  That is success in my book.

What do we tell a child that doesn’t want to write his name because he doesn’t think he can?  We say…just try.

What do we tell our kids when there is a new food at the table that has a funny look or name?  We say…just try it.

try it likeThat is all we are doing here at The Journey.  Just try moving more today.  Just try a plank.  Just try eating one more green veggie this week.  Just try!

What happens with that child that is just learning how to tie his shoes?  He might try it once & have a really loose knot & will need some help at first.  Since the first knot wasn’t the best do we just let him fail and never have him try to tie his shoes again?  No.  He has to keep trying and trying.  We don’t let him walk around in velcro the rest of his life.  He has to keep working on this skill so that someday he will be able to tie that shoe all on his own.

You might feel like you are on that first day of tying your shoes as you try these exercises…but someday soon…if you keep trying, you will do it all on your own & you will have great results.

Don’t give up!  Each time you tie those shoes remember that you just have to try.

I remember as we taught our kids how to tie their shoes how we always had a little song to go with learning the skill…something to do with bunny ears or some crazy song that only Kindergarten teachers remember (my mom is a K teacher so I can say that…and she could probably tell me at least 3 different songs just for this skill).  If you need a special song or fancy poem to help you keep trying…just like we did with kids and those pesky shoestrings…try this:

T = time…it takes time to make changes happen

R = Results will happen

Y = You can do it!


Thanks for being part of The Journey…and remember to never stop trying.

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica

Jessica is a mom to three kids, 1 really big puppy and a wife to 1.  Jessica is a group fitness instructor at two locations and i s passionate about helping women find confidence in themselves and with strength training.





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