Made to Crave: Chap 4 & 5

M2C Chap 4 5

Y’all have been pretty quiet during this book study. How’s it going? Are you learning anything?

Today we move on to Chapters 4 and 5. I appreciate the short, easy-to-read chapters of this book. If you are new to this study or have gotten behind, you can catch up very quickly!

Chapter 4 is all about accountability and the need to have friends in our lives who help us through the hard choices of eating healthy. Lysa had a friend who had gone through her particular eating plan before and who could encourage her to keep going when things got hard. She also had a friend who was going through the eating plan with her, keeping her on her toes in her healthy eating.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a person to keep you accountable. I’ve struggled with this, myself, largely because asking someone to keep me accountable means admitting I have a problem with something. Well, hello there, Pride. Why don’t you step out of the way! When I went through this book the first time, Lysa could serve as the cheerleader and my Bible study group acted as the “going-through-this-with-you” friend. No one ever got in my face, but as the group leader, it was a way to stay on track, because I didn’t want to be a bad example.

Can I give a little plug for The Journey? One of the reasons we are here is to help you, encourage you and be your accountability partner, if you need one. You can message us on Facebook or email us privately at any time to let us know how we can help. A face-to-face friend would be awesome, but if you don’t have that friend, we would love to help!

Chapter 5 reminds us that we were made for more than the struggles we have in this world, whether it be with food, relationships, illness, pain, or whatever is causing you hardship right now. We are created to have a deep and personal relationship with our Creator, and He can even use our struggles with food to bring us closer to Him.

We need to remember who we are in Christ. You are not a number on a scale, or the size in your pants or the food you ate this morning. You are God’s beautiful creation! And we need to re-write the things we say in our heads to reflect the truth found in God’s Word. And we need to do it often, because it is so easy to forget.

Have you ever thought of your healthy eating struggles as a way to grow closer to God? Can you see it working in your relationship with Him right now?

Assignments to be completed before October 3: Read Chapters 6 & 7.

Since Chapter 4 opened with the song, Stop in the Name of Love, I thought I would find that for this week’s song. But, after reading Chapter 5, I felt like this song was more appropriate.

“You’re beautiful … You were made for so much more than all of this … You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His …”


Cori Drost

Cori is a wife, mom of three and random writer who is learning how to take small steps towards big goals. She tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but a journey to learn how to run (something she always hated) has taught her a lot about gradual, slow change. And she needs a new picture, because her hair is longer now.


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