Day 4: This Could Be Interesting

The could be interesting for two reasons. One, I a attempting to post this from my husband’s phone because we are on the road. And two, because we are traveling, eating Paleo is much, much more challenging.

I didn’t feel like killing anyone today, so that is good. 🙂 I did feel overwhelmed, though, trying to figure out what I will be eating for the next four meals. We have a tradition of doing a Fall Drive with our family, and this is our weekend for it. We spend a day exploring our state and taking in some fall colors. This year we are including a night at a hotel. While traveling, traditionally we eat lots of non-Paleo food, so I had to pack a lot of food to bring along.

My meals today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, banana and olives.

Lunch: Leftover chicken breast, green beans, olives, almonds and raspberries.

Supper: Will be a mix of items I packed. There are more items than pictured, including raisins, apples and a Paleo chicken salad.


One thought on “Day 4: This Could Be Interesting

  1. pamby57

    So proud of you! First of all you could have thought about not going. Second you could have been tempted to cheat…But instead you chose to go and took time to go prepared!! All your food looks amazing. I especially like those jars of salads!! I hope you have a fun trip! Stay safe!!



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