FRIDAY FUNNIES…They’re Back! :)

It’s Friday!  It’s that time of the week where we get to just relax, hang out and…just know that the last 5 days are over and it is now THE WEEKEND!  🙂

Every Friday we have been putting some crazy and/or funny pictures or quotes on our Facebook page.  Lately though…Facebook is being pretty picky about what they actually let others know about in their newsfeed.  We have quite a few likes and pages that follow us but here is an example of what they are doing.  Just this week we posted our giveaway that started.  Our post talks about breast cancer awareness and has a great offer from a company that was founded because of breast cancer.   I mean…really.  Why would Facebook block something that could help save the life of a woman?  Seriously?!

Because of that…and the fact that a very small fraction of our Facebook following is really getting the info we are putting out there…we are putting more on our site.  Cori and I have even been talking about some color changes and design changes too…cause you know we just have time to spare.  😉  (that was a joke…we are both moms of three kids but we have a passion to help women make small, positive changes in their lives).

FRIDAY FUNNIES are right here!  You ready?  🙂  Maybe get those facial muscles ready to smile…oh wait…we will help you with that today… 😉

friday photo 2


friday photo


friday funny 10 4

Moms out there…can you relate to this one?


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