Day 7: Feeling More Prepared

Eating Paleo 31 DaysLast week, I was just trying to survive Paleo. This week, I’m feeling more prepared. I feel like I spent my whole week last week looking for recipes, going to the store almost daily and reading label after label after label. If you want to try Paleo, I highly recommend getting a plan BEFORE you start. Learn from my bad example. 😉

I’m also excited about this week because I’m mainly eating the same meal as my family (except today), so there shouldn’t be so much double cooking. I’m not cut out to be a restaurant chef. I’ll have to modify some of the menu to fit my restrictions, but it won’t be too hard.

Not much else to say today, and I’m ready for bed. Here’s what I had today:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, olives and banana.

Lunch: Salad.

Supper: Green beans, almonds and raspberries.



2 thoughts on “Day 7: Feeling More Prepared

  1. All Manner of Inspiration

    Just wanted to tell you – I’m enjoying following along with you on your paleo journey in 31 days. (I’m writing 31 Days of Favorites). I’m writing a post today of my favorite 31 Days Blog Series and I’m going to include yours 🙂 Blessings to you!



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