Day 9: A Good and Bad Day

The general guide for eating Paleo with the Whole30 plan is to have protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts/seeds and a healthy fat at each meal. I’ve done OK with getting this combination, but not stellar. There is a cool visual guide at the Whole30 site to help you know how much of each category to strive for. There is also a shopping guide with various choices for each category. It’s not about perfection, though. Every small step makes a difference.

Eating Paleo 31 DaysEven if you aren’t ready for a strict 30 days of eating Paleo, you could try for one meal a week as a start. We’ve preached it a lot here at The Journey: Small Changes, Big Picture. I didn’t even eat lettuce one year ago. Not a bite. It starts sometimes with just one bite. One ranch dressing-drenched bite of lettuce at a pizza buffet.

Today was both good and bad. No spectacular recipes or crazy cooking like yesterday. I’m still working on a pile of dishes from then. Oy! There are a lot more dishes to do lately. Would anyone like to come wash them for me? 😉 I created a pretty tasty salad for lunch. I was looking forward to supper because we were having chili. I made our regular recipe, but tried to keep the beans, which I can’t eat, over to one side of the crockpot. I was pretty disappointed in the taste of the chili. Either the beans really add to the taste, or the cheese and crackers I usually add are key to the taste. I even had my husband try mine to make sure that it wasn’t just a bad batch or something. He said my bowl was bad and his was good.

I was disappointed because I thought I was going to get to eat a “normal” meal for once. Since none of our meals are usually Paleo approved, I thought this might be as close as I could get. Part of the Whole30 challenge is to change the way you think about eating, and I’m seeing how much the familiarity of a meal comes into play. We eat for comfort or tradition or a whole host of other reasons. It’s nice to try new things, but it can be hard to constantly be outside your comfort zone. But, on the other hand, if I keep some of these new foods and meals in my diet after these 30 days, they will be more familiar, too. I have to just keep going.

Breakfast: Leftover sweet potatoes and a big bowl of fruit.

Lunch: Two apples and a huge salad. (I’m having fun experimenting with salads. Who knew they could be so tasty?) This one has spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, avocado and turkey.

turkey avocado salad

Supper: Chili (bleh) and some apples.


5 thoughts on “Day 9: A Good and Bad Day

  1. pamby57

    Funny, I made Chili for dad tonight…AND corn bread! I couldn’t even touch it, I not only can’t have beans, I can’t have tomatoes, or Chili Pepper. I told him it was a special meal for Supervisor’s only!! You are doing great…Oh and I know about all the dishes 🙂


  2. All Manner of Inspiration

    Your suggestion to try Paleo for a shorter period of time to start making changes is SUCH a good and practical piece of wisdom! (I don’t know why I haven’t thought of that before. We always feel, with diets and regimens, that we have to go ‘all in’, or not at all – isn’t that crazy?) 🙂 Also, your salad looks wonderful to me, but I’m curious – can you make salad dressing to put on a paleo salad? I’m a HUGE salad fan, but can’t imagine eating it without some sort of dressing, which I love. I’m making homemade ones now that are pretty good – I think I’m going to do a ‘favorite’ recipe day in my ’31 days’ series soon. Sorry the chili didn’t turn out well!


    1. Cori D. Post author

      I know what you mean … I am a perfectionist, so I easily give up on things if I can’t do them just right! It’s silliness, for sure! 🙂 And, yes! There are many Paleo salad dressings. Check out the comments on Day 2, as someone left a recipe for dressing. I had that on my salad, actually. It provides just a little kick. There are other recipes out there, too. I hope to get some more looked into, I just haven’t had time. Some creamy ranch dressing is sounding really good about now. 🙂



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