Made to Crave: Chapters 8 & 9

Welcome back to our Made to Crave book study! This week’s chapters tackle some tough topics: body image and not wanting to exercise.

M2C Chap 8 9Chapter 8 is about body image. I’ve never met a woman who has not struggled with this issue. Even supermodels who make the cover of magazines on a regular basis talk about struggling with what they look like. It’s a topic I’ve been pondering lately to go with the 31 Days of Being OK with Me series I’m (slowly) working on over at my personal blog. I don’t have many answers yet, but this chapter gives us some starting points.

Lysa talks about her own struggles with certain areas of her body, and how she finally just decided to talk to God about it. That is something we can all do. We can pray to God about our perceived issues and see what He was to say in return. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a direct response immediately, but since He crafted us into who we are, I suspect He will let us know why or at least help give us some peace.

The other thing mentioned in this chapter was something Lysa’s friend Karen did. She decided not to let her body size or the amount of weight she lost in one week define her. Instead she asked a series of questions about how she was eating and exercising. It’s a great practice to get into. We can control what we eat and how we exercise, but we can’t control how our body is going to react to those things. There is so much more going on in our bodies than calories in and calories out. (A post about that — maybe even a series — is brewing in my brain. Watch for that in November.)

Be proud of what you are doing, not what the scale says. Celebrate your good choices, even if it is just one small choice. You are taking steps in the right direction.

Chapter 9 is about treating our bodies like the temple that they are. God dwells in us, so we should be working to care for our bodies. There are definitely seasons of life that make it harder to get exercise on a regular basis, but those are also the times that exercise would help us feel better, have more energy and sleep better. In the past, people got exercise just by trying to survive. Now, with our modern conveniences, we need to add exercise to our schedules.

Like she said in the book, the best exercise is the kind you will do. Find something you like and go for it! It does not have to be the same as what your sister or  your friend or your neighbor do. Just do something that works for you and your schedule and your life. You will feel good after you exercise, even if you have some sore muscles the next day. 😉

I couldn’t think of a great song for this week, so I thought maybe the one Lysa shared could get us a little laugh. 🙂


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