The Not-So-Paleo Me…a few funnies & time saving cooking!

Have you heard?  Paleo is the word here at The Journey right now…and to be honest…I am eating anything but Paleo.  Before we chat about that though…have you entered the latest giveaway?  (link is right here if you missed it)

Paleo is Cori’s challenge that she is working on this month.  She is pretty daring and transparent with this…and I can tell you already that she has much better willpower than me (and her insides are probably shouting for joy at all these healthy foods that are fueling her body!).  She is about 1/3 of the way through this eating adventure and going strong.  That is just amazing in my book…and I am just letting Cori know…you are doing an awesome job!

My reality at the moment is just a tad different.  If I posted my meals today Cori might get hungry…so we will just maybe talk about the general stuff that I eat and how often I eat…and a little bit of why I do a few things that I do.  I also want to share a really great resource that is like a gift for anyone that has a busy life but still needs to make a meal everyday.  You one of those people?

Last but not least…it is Friday, which means Friday Funnies!  Check out the end for a few pics to brighten up your day and send you into the weekend.  😉

food fuelBack to what I eat:

Lifting weights makes me basically starving for several hours during the day because, well, lifting weights has the potential to burn calories 4 to 6 hours after you are even done with the exercises.  (If you didn’t know that…you need to send me a message or something so you can learn more about the benefits of strength training!)  This week I am just living in my yoga pants because I have 7 fitness classes in 5 days and am working with clients and doing some mini-exercises with them as well at various times throughout the day.  I take a shower, get gross and sweaty, take another shower and just repeat it all over again.

When I feel my tummy growl…I need to eat.  No, let’s rephrase…I need to eat LARGE quantities on those days that I have a pretty intense workout.  The amount of food and calories going in my mouth would probably shock most of you because I know that I really need to be eating over 2000 calories at least just for my body to function and without it starting to think it is starving.  Example…Wednesday morning I woke up, ate a banana and had some yummy coffee on the way to the gym.  Taught cycling, came home and ate 3 eggs with some cheese on it.  Went back to the gym and ate another banana on the way and taught a strength class for about 80 minutes.  My stomach was growling when it was all done.  It was only 10:30am and I was ready for a big lunch (and a nap)…and I still had a lot of day left where food would be required to function and several clients still.

What else is going on right now with my food?  I don’t limit what I eat with measuring foods, watching those calories or keeping with specific food groups.  I have done that limiting stuff quite a bit in the past and I got results back then.  I’d like to get leaner and get that body fat percentage down a bit more but it really is more about how much I am willing to sacrifice and give up at the moment.  Right now…I’m not ready to give up a few things and I really don’t want to eat lettuce or spinach that often.  I’m just being honest.  I have an app I have used called My Fitness Pal and I will come back to it soon…but at the moment I am taking a break from it until I am really ready to use it again.  The meals I’m making and the majority of the foods I’m eating are not unhealthy…but I am just not using that extra energy to track and monitor everything.  My life has taken a huge change in the last year in the way that I eat and it is ok for me to just enjoy a meal, eat the foods that I want and know that I can do that and still be in control of my body.  A year ago I would not have been confident enough to say that I can do that or even allow myself to eat foods that weren’t specifically planned out.

As Cori is posting all those photos with her really healthy meals…I am ok knowing that I am not eating Paleo and that it really wouldn’t work for me at this point in my life.  It is inspiring though and I know that her body is going to really appreciate all the healthy changes that she is making this month.

that pic is for my hubby...because I knows I don't iron :)  That is a 4 letter word to me.

That pic is for my hubby…because he knows I don’t iron 🙂 That is a 4 letter word to me.

Now there is my family that we need to add into the food/meal equation and…let’s just say…that “life factor”.  Ya’ll know what I’m talking about  (please don’t let me be the only mom that really has no idea what to make for supper tonight – or every night).  Just trying to make a meal for my family, have it on the table (and ready all at one time) and actually eat it as a family is a challenge.  Last week we had that happen once.  We aren’t even that active of a family with extra-curricular activities all over the place and running out of the house each night.  As a family we just don’t function well that way.  Regardless…there are still many days when it is 5pm and I realize that I am the person who is supposed to make the meal and I totally spaced it.

One of the groupies at The Journey has a great website that features something that is just awesome for people that are busy and/or forget that they have a meal to make everyday for the fam (like me).  Once A Month Cooking is all the rage and our friend, Ange over at The Blooming Hydrangea, has spelled it out, written down directions, posted and pinned sites for you…and even made the grocery list!    It is what it sounds like…pure awesomeness for busy moms, right!?  You cook once and it lasts for the month and the hard work of planning it all out is done.

I wanted to share this with as many moms or busy people as I knew so I got the ok from Ange and have her info to pass along.  Jot these down, bookmark these sites and let her know that The Journey sent you.  She even will answer your questions if you have them…so if you have questions about recipes or how to do something, just ask.  There are probably even a few Paleo recipes in this list that could be tried by those following along with Cori.

Here are the two posts that she has about Once A Month Cooking:

Last but not least…FRIDAY FUNNIES!

Laugh, cry, share and make these your new cover photo.  Or…just enjoy…whatever works best for you.  🙂

friday funny 10.11

friday funnies 10.11 1

besides the funny pic...those I know who just ran 26+ miles or have some miles coming are inspiring!  Awesome job!

besides the funny pic…those I know who just ran 26+ miles or have some miles coming up…you are inspiring! Awesome job!


Jessica is a mom to three, wife to 1 and has a yellow lab puppy that is starting obedience training (everyone say a prayer as she works with this very strong dog…cause right now there are bets that the dog just might win!).  She also teaches group fitness classes at two locations in Rochester, MN and has a gym where she works with women and their goals.


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