Plain, Simple and Honest…marketing products vs. trusted resources

I truly respect those in the fitness industry who are honest.  I believe what they write.  I see the results and hear about the times when they struggle or are in the learning process.  I try what they say and I don’t need any specific product or exercise video to make the results happen.

Plain.  Simple.  Honest.  I’ll be sharing one of my favorite resources in just a sec and an upcoming challenge that I will be doing soon that others can be part of too…without paying anything or needing anything special 😉 .  First, I need to tell you about the last few months and our latest giveaway!

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Giveaway first…we have a really awesome item (two actually) that are being given away!  The contest ends THIS Wednesday so click on this link and enter it today!  October Giveaway

I was a bit irritated the other day by a few specific Beachbody coaches who seem to not truly understand what honest marketing is all about.  In fact, I get irritated about every other day by what I see out there in Facebook/Twitter and Pinterstville.  Before you all jump on me about Beachbody and your own feelings…let me explain first my connection.  I have friends that are excellent Beachbody coaches.  I have co-workers that are as well.  I also have met several people who believe in the videos.  I have heard mixed reviews about the shakes…and for me personally, I really don’t want to rely on and pay for food from a company.  I’ve done that through another company, thought the food was horrible, had results but had to learn how to eat real food all on my own once I was disgusted done with the food.

There are 4 issues that I have noticed with online coaches…Beachbody or others…that seem to be a recurring theme in the way they present themselves and their marketing tactics.  I really want all of you to know what is going on out there so you don’t get wrapped in to the hype that an inexperienced coach might be providing.  Experienced and honest coaches are a different story and there is a difference in their approach and marketing that I respect.  (In other words…I’m not saying Beachbody or any other program is a horrible thing…just be careful).

Issue #1: It’s FREE (but really it’s not)

Just yesterday this post was on a free site on Facebook:

Yes I am selling stuff BUT I am also a FREE health and fitness coach. I am here to support everyone that needs a little kick in the hinder to reach THEIR goals. IF you want me to help you for FREE connect with me …. I will help you out!!

Fi you want more details on the next Challenge Group read on ….. I have personally been in a Challenge Group and have had great success … I have also had several customers find success in the challenge groups AND win prizes. My next group starts October 21 … deadline to order your Challenge Pack is October 14 BUT you can order anytime and I will put you in a challenge group! I want you to succeed. I want you to get those results! I want you to go to your holiday parties looking SMOKIN HOT!! (yes there was a typo…and I didn’t type this…just did a bit of cut and paste…and note the word “customer” as well.)

The picture that went along with this was all about the challenge talked about in the last part of the text…the challenge that costs money…and was posted on a free site.  I did confront the person (cause that is just what I do when I see marketing that really doesn’t add up on a free site) and asked, “How can you say this is free when you are selling stuff?”  That is all I said.

Here is the response and my answer:

  • Jessica … You DON’T HAVE TO BUY STUFF. I have helped many people and they haven’t bought anything from me. I have had many people thank me for giving them a mini workout to do or recipes or just support. Some people need a friend or someone who believes in them. 
    Yes I sell stuff – do you have to buy something for me to give you motivation and support?? That answer is NO.
  • (Me) I do the same thing at my site The Journey but don’t have anything to sell…just thought it was interesting the way it was presented and what the flyer said about purchasing the items for the challenge. If all of it is free…I think what is presented is great. If there is something in addition which you mentioned in the Challenge Group part of your wording and in more detail in the picture, I think it should be up front in the text as well. Just my two cents. I know about Beachbody and all the products with it and I guessed that was what you were offering. Helping people is great and I do the same thing, just be careful with the marketing aspect so it isn’t misleading.

Don’t trick people into working with you and buying stuff.  Be honest!  If you are coaching and selling products, be proud of that be honestand advertise both upfront.  It just makes you seem that much more ethical and shows that you have pride in what you do.  The hidden stuff makes me wonder just a bit if you are in this for the coaching aspect and helping people or if you are really in this to make money.

Issue #2:  Join My Team (but I just joined too and want you under me)
I also see brand new coaches approaching people via Facebook about joining them.  This happens about once every 2 weeks (at least) for me.  Several of these coaches didn’t use Beachbody for their results but, like me, have a page that has success and were told that they can make money doing what they are already doing.  That is fine and dandy…but if you didn’t do this in the first place, how can you know the in’s and out’s of a program for every level of fitness  if your results weren’t from that program?  I just don’t get it.  If you used a specific program and believe in it…great!  I know lots of people that enjoy helping others the way that they lost weight.  The last e-mail I got asking me to join their Beachbody Team was someone who just started coaching.  I watched their success on Facebook and their posts on how they were losing weight…and it wasn’t through Beachbody.  The e-mail I got said nothing about their own journey…just that I could make money doing what I am doing now.
If you want to coach people, be honest in how you had success yourself and why you are a coach.  Have passion for what you do and do the work to gain trust and respect from others in this industry.  I have had the same boilerplate e-mail sent to me now several times asking me to be a coach.  That is not passion…that is called a template.
Issue #3:  Get rid of toxins, lose weight & feel great in 1 day!
Some coaches are promoting a deal if you do a day cleanse with them.  Meaning…drink 3 shakes that you can order from them to get out all the toxins and bad things in your body…and lose weight.  Well…if all you are eating is three shakes, you will lose weight.  Your body might also think that it is starving and you might throw your metabolism off because of it…so I’m not sure if just drinking 3 shakes is the best nutrition advice from a coach…that is selling the products.  Your body can naturally get rid of the things that shouldn’t be in there…you really don’t need any special shake or wrap to do that.  Just sayin’.
Issue #4:  I don’t like what you say about my program so “unlike”
Why would you go unlike a page when I am just pointing out the things that I am seeing on our social media world?  I’m not sharing anything new…we all see this stuff and see the dishonesty.   If you truly are a coach that wants to help others and inspire others to make changes in their life, The Journey is a pretty good place to get info from and share with those you are helping.  We are FREE!  Like, absolutely positively free.  If your tactics are some of the false ones…I can see why you don’t like someone pointing that out and why you would hit “unlike”.  Remember, I’m not bashing Beachbody coaches or any other programs…there are some pretty fabulous ones out there.  I am just trying to make sure that what is presented to those who are seeking help is truthful, honest and not misleading.  If you aren’t going to point it out…I will.
lift like a girlSo, what do I think IS a credible resource?  
My number 1 resource that I truly look to for info is (oh, there are so many good ones!)…
…Nia Shanks.  Her site is called Lift Like A Girl with the tagline “be the most awesome and strongest version of you”.
I pick her first because the info she presents if great for those just starting out with exercising or those who have a grasp already.  It is all around good stuff and written in a way that you can understand.  Some sites are written in fitness language that only the experts understand.  🙂  At Nia’s site, exercises are shown or spelled out wonderfully, videos are provided sometimes and workouts are also available to purchase.  She also talks about nutrition and explains food in a way that really was eye opening to me.  She is one awesome woman that can really do some amazing things and she tells it like it is and wants to help YOU understand the truth.
Here are some of my favorite posts that I’ve read from Nia that you should take a minute and read off of her blog:
I’ll be sharing another resource that I read often next week.  Check back to see what you should be reading or…even subscribe to updates via e-mail!
Last but not least…the upcoming challenge.  We are all about small changes here at The Journey and we are going to be taking some baby steps starting November 1st.  We will have this challenge bring us right into 2014  year and you will start the year feeling healthier!  Each week there will be something new that you can work on…and you can follow along with me and change what I’m changing or pick your own things.  More info will be coming about this soon but I wanted to give you a heads up so you can think if you want to be part of this lifestyle changing challenge.  If you aren’t ready…don’t do it…or start in when you are ready.  If you are ready…let us know in the comments!
Thanks for being part of The Journey.  🙂
Jessica is a mom of three kids, a puppy (that is destroying her house) and a wife to 1.  🙂  Jessica has a degree in Marketing from Iowa State University and today works with women at her home gym and teaches strength and cycling classes at two fitness locations in her town.

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