Day 16: Dueling Crockpots

Eating Paleo 31 DaysToday was the day I finally made the Paleo beef stew. And it was worth the wait! It was very good, especially on a chilly, cloudy day.

My family might have enjoyed this recipe, but I didn’t know ahead of time, so I had two crockpots of beef stew going today. I didn’t think it would be that much extra work, but it did seem like twice the work. It might just be because my husband is usually my potato peeler, and he wasn’t able to do that today.


I used a recipe from The Paleo Prize, a site full of great looking recipes. I cut the recipe in half, since it only had to feed me. I used sweet potato (which was yummy), substituted beef broth and some balsamic vinegar for the red wine, and skipped the mushrooms and peas. (Peas are not Whole30 approved, and I don’t love mushrooms.) I also didn’t have the marjoram spice/herb.

I mentioned yesterday I was going to track my calorie intake for a few days, just to see what I was getting. That is harder than I realized, since so many of the things I’m eating are homemade. It’s still a good experiment. I’ll let you know how it turns out over the weekend. Also, tomorrow I’m playing with spaghetti squash. This could be interesting.

Here’s my meals for today:

Breakfast: Leftover sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and olives.


Lunch: Salad, like the last several days.

Supper: Beef stew.




CoriCori is a wife, mom of three and random writer who is learning how to take small steps towards big goals. She tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but a journey to learn how to run (something she always hated) has taught her a lot about gradual, slow change. 


2 thoughts on “Day 16: Dueling Crockpots

  1. pamby57

    I think I better try that stew recipe. I have had sweet potatoes in my stew before and really like them 🙂 Tomorrow I am trying a new recipe…Beef and Butternut Stew with Pear and Thyme!



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