Giveaway Winner and Made to Crave Chapters 10 & 11

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We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who entered our October giveaway from Heads Up Bands! We appreciate all the entries!

Previous winner didn’t claim the prize…so a new winner will be announced on Friday, October 25th.

If you didn’t win, you can still head over to Heads Up Bands and find a band or two. Or mention it as a stocking stuffer idea for the upcoming holidays!


And now on to our Made to Crave study. We’re about halfway through now and talking about Chapters 10 and 11 today. If you are behind, feel free to head back to the introduction and work through the book at your pace.

What happened to Lysa in Chapter 10 is such a reality. You make a decision about eating healthier, you get all psyched up and are cruising along, and then … bam! A temptation is there staring you in the face. Someone brought donuts to work. Someone gave your family a cake for no reason. It. happens. every. time. I have given into those temptations more often than not, that’s for sure. And then I usually kick myself and have a hard time re-starting my plan.

M2C Chap 10 11I do know that it gets easier to say no the more you do it. The first time I gave up sugar for a month it was torture. Now, with eating Paleo (crazy town!) this month, saying no to the sugary treats isn’t as hard. Honestly. But, I’ve given up sugar for a month at least five or six times now in the past few years, so I’m getting better at it. If, like me, you’ve quit eating plans more often than you’ve started them, don’t beat yourself up! Just start again. If you keep messing up, keep trying again. Learn from your experience and let what trips you up be what helps you in the future.

And keep in mind what Lysa said about our weaknesses. We think they are horrible and wish we didn’t have them. But God sees us differently, and He usually uses our biggest weaknesses most powerfully in our stories. I wouldn’t be writing here at The Journey if I had always been a perfectly healthy eater. I wouldn’t have much to say here. Instead, this has become one of my favorite things to write about, because I can see the transformation in my own life.

So, hang in there! Keep kicking temptation in the you-know-where! Pretty soon you’ll be a pro!

Chapter 11 reminds us that we can’t use food to fix our problems. We don’t even consciously think it will most of the time, but we have a way of turning to food when we feel down or stressed or life is just out of our control. It’s called “comfort food” for a reason. The challenge is that food can’t really comfort us. It doesn’t solve our problems or make us happy in the long term. We have to look elsewhere in the hard times, and God is waiting.

Sitting in stillness is pretty rare in our culture. I mean, I’m typing right now with the radio on in the background. I’m counting the minutes until I need to get on to my next thing. There is no time for this sitting with God business. Yet, when I do make time to just sit with God, I wonder why I don’t do it more often! It is so life-giving to spend time with God, and it does so much more for me than cookies and a Mt. Dew.

The end of the chapter talks about replacing lies with truth. I challenge you to do that the next time you face temptation to eat something you know you shouldn’t. Stop for a moment to acknowledge the lie in your head. It’s there, I know, and it might take some time to even know what it is. Then, refute it with truth. This will be different for each person, because we all have different lies swirling in our brains. Once you start addressing some of the lies you believe and start to fight them with truth, you will gain strength in your healthy eating choices.

For next week, read Chapters 12 & 13.

I thought this new song was a good one for this week. It’s pretty inspiring! And, Mandisa is a Made to Crave girl, too.


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