Day 18: Are We There Yet?

Eating Paleo 31 DaysI am feeling ready to be done with this eating plan. I know I can make it the rest of the way, but it is getting tiring to always come up with food options. I’m not quitting or anything, but I’m definitely looking forward to the end. Maybe that’s partly because tonight was pizza night for my family again. They had my favorite. It looked so good. Sigh. 😉

I sound so whiney, don’t I? It’s really not that bad. It does feel like it consumes my life, though. I suppose every diet change can feel that way. Even when I cut out just sugar in the past, I would feel overwhelmed by that at times. Change is hard. There is no way around it.

I came across a good article today that helped motivate me and remind me that there is a purpose for all of this. You can read it here, but the gist of it is a woman who swore she would never eat Paleo, and then for health reasons gave it a try. She felt better, lost weight, and some of her health issues went away. After 30 days, she tried adding some of the restricted foods back into her diet, and some of them prompted pretty noticeable negative reactions. I wonder if that will be the case for me. I am not noticing anything spectacular about eating this way right now, but maybe if I add back some foods, I’ll notice more how they bother me or make me feel. We shall see.

So, on to my meals for today:

Breakfast: Bacon, eggs and a banana.

Lunch: Leftover beef stew and a small salad.


Supper: Some more turkey, sweet potatoes and broccoli.



CoriCori is a wife, mom of three and random writer who is learning how to take small steps towards big goals. She tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but a journey to learn how to run (something she always hated) has taught her a lot about gradual, slow change. She has a degree in journalism and enjoys doing research and writing.


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