Plain, Simple & Honest…my second favorite site to visit

right or wrongEach week…for a few weeks anyways…I’ll be sharing websites and resources that I find to be plain, simple and honest.  Today I am sharing my #2 site that I go to and read.  If you’d like to read #1…check it out at this link.  Plain, simple & honest #1.

Fitness and exercise info is in mass supply and my brain was pretty much on overload when I first starting trying to figure all of this exercise stuff out.  Walking, running, lifting weights, swinging kettlebells, swimming, running in races, biking…the list is pretty much endless as to what you should be doing and the how-to’s of every activity possible.  What is the right thing to do?  The pictures of people that were talking about these exercises and showing videos were pretty much picture perfect.  I already was feeling defeated just by looking at a picture of what I wasn’t.

I got pretty frustrated at times when I would reach a site that I thought would give me help only to realize that I didn’t understand a word that they were saying.  I think I needed my doctorate degree for some of those sites…just crazy.  Those sites weren’t helpful…those sites just brought me back to me thinking that this was impossible for me to even do and understand.

At some point though you have to just go for it…find the info you need and research a bit.  That is what I did.  We all have a beginning or a moment where we are starting to learn more as we are in this journey to getting healthier.  I read lots of articles, watched countless videos to see how I should be doing something and basically asked lots of questions.  If I didn’t know something…I found the answer.  That is all you need to do.

One resource that I go to a lot is another woman that is part of a group called Girls Gone Strong…Molly Galbraith.  (She and I are on a first name basis…ok, not really).  I probably read Molly’s stuff more than anyone else…because I can relate to her and I just sortof click with what she says.  She is also a bit on the taller side, like me.  She doesn’t have the size 0 to 4 physique that many others in the fitness world have, like me (although she is several sizes smaller than me).  She also really enjoys lifting heavy stuff, like me.  Really it is a no-brainer that I like her stuff.

Here are a few of my favorite articles that she has written and a few of my favorite things that she has challenged me with in her posts:

Next week I’ll be sharing my #3 resource that I look at for info…come on back for a look or subscribe via e-mail to our site to get the latest blog posts and updates.

I’ll end this with a video of Molly doing a 70 pound turkish get-up.  If you have been with me lately the 1/2 turkish get-up is something that I’ve been challenging people with…in other words we don’t stand up.  Most of us don’t even have a weight in our hand because we aren’t quite ready for that.  This is Molly with 70 pounds in 1 hand being held above her head the entire time.  Amazing.  You should just try this without weight and see how easy it is…cause it’s not.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!


Jessica is a mom to three, wife to 1 and also a mom to a puppy that is currently in obedience school (and needs it).  She teaches group fitness classes in strength training and cycling at two locations in Rochester, MN and also has her own business where she works individually with women.  You can read more about Jessica and her journey of getting healthier here.  


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