Day 24: A Guest Post

I’m excited about the post today, because it is a guest post … from my mom! She decided to eat Paleo for 31 days, too, and she has had tremendous success! I’m very proud of her for doing this journey and for writing this post! I am traveling today and will not have much opportunity to write, so it’s perfect timing for my mom, Pam, to post here. So, without further ado …

My thoughts on eating Paleo…

When Cori decided to go Paleo for 31 days, I decided to go along for the ride. My health issues include Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Disease. It took a year and a half to figure it all out…I’ll spare you the details. However, it was my motivation for trying Paleo and is a big part of my story.

Eating Paleo 31 DaysI had read a little about the diet and thought I was somewhat prepared to start. Wrong! As I read back over my own story, I am reminded that the first week was pretty crazy. My notes say things like: I need to be better prepared, I need to plan meals, and I need a better grocery list. And what about those days when things just don’t go the way you expect? Planning and preparing food are vital.

My day 2 threw me into panic mode for a short time. I was feeling bad. I just seemed off balance and strange. I decided to just rest and read my new book, It Starts with Food, written by the founders of the Whole30 plan. I found a chapter on Autoimmune Disease Protocol. Guess what? Not only did I have to give up all non-Paleo foods, my new list of foods to avoid included the following: eggs, white potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, cayenne, chili powder, TOMATOES, nuts & seeds, and ALEVE!! This is when the panic set in! My garden was overflowing with ripe tomatoes, and this list of ingredients includes so many of my “go to” foods. And guess what? ALEVE is what my doctors had been prescribing for me. Thankfully, my panic didn’t last too long. I looked over what I had been eating on days 1 & 2. It included six eggs, peppers and tomatoes. I had to consider that there might be something to this new list. I made the decision to focus on what I could eat and not on what I couldn’t eat.

That very same day I discovered a cookbook called The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook. That was such an encouragement. I knew that every recipe in that book was safe for me! I have learned so much from reading all the “helps” in it and have really enjoyed the recipes I have tried. It is helpful because you get a visual of ALL the foods you can eat. It has also encouraged me to try new things!

So, I am sailing along now and thoroughly enjoying this adventure. I am feeling really good and have been able to stop taking ALEVE! My joints are great and my digestive tract is happy. I am sleeping better and my energy level is up! I am hoping as I began to re-introduce foods, that I can pin-point the things I need to avoid the rest of my life. I have to be honest; I am missing some things, but not really craving anything. I believe I could be content staying on this eating program. There are still so many things on my “things to try” list.

I will end with a few of the things that surprised me the most:

  • I adjusted to eating what I would consider “dinner food” first thing in the morning, in fact I love having a big salad in the morning! Who knew??


  • It only took a few days for the real taste of food to come through. Everything I eat now tastes so much better. Even just plain cucumbers taste sweet…REALLY!
  • After day 2 when I read to cut out snacking, I have been faithful in eating just my three meals a day. I said faithful, not perfect…I had a snack 2 or 3 times. It absolutely amazed me how full I got and how I felt satisfied until the next meal. I am generally a habitual snacker, so this is huge for me.
  • This plan became easy for me. If I plan ahead my meals come together quickly. When I bring home fresh produce, I clean and cut it up right away. I store it in mason jars which helps it stay fresh and crisp all week. This includes my greens! So when I need a salad, I just grab the jars that look good to me in that moment and build a salad really fast! I also cook up a variety of meats and store them by single portion in the freezer. Because they are a potion size, they defrost quickly.



  • Even though we are not supposed to weigh ourselves, I succumbed because I could feel such a difference. I am down eight pounds. I am sure most of it is water weight because one of my issues is water retention. But, I am down and feeling so much better. If this eating plan helps me not retain fluid, I consider that a win!
  • I will admit that I was afraid of the cost of this plan. However, I find I am spending less. Think about it…No snacking means not buying numerous items. Pre-packed foods are expensive. When you eliminate them your bill shrinks.
  • Even though my husband has not joined me, he is eating better! He has enjoyed many of my new recipes. He can easily add a bun, cheese and tomato to a hamburger patty which saves me from cooking two different things.

So, that is my story! I hope I can stick to it!


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