Are you the WINNER?…and some Monday motivation

Today I am sharing a little bit of motivation through some quotes that inspire me.  I am working hard on something new and also had a bit of a yucky weekend and just need a great kick in the rear to get moving today.  More on that in a bit and even a few things that maybe you don’t want to do to a fitness instructor.  😉  First…we must talk about our giveaway and winner.

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We are on Round 3 of the latest winner from our Heads Up Bands Giveaway.  That’s right.  Round 3.  No, we don’t have more items to giveaway…be are still just trying to give it away the first time.  Will the winner PLEASE read the blog AND contact us so we can give this away?  We really want to see this great prize go to someone.  So far…2 different people have won but didn’t claim the prize in time.

Round 3…right here.  Let’s go.

The WINNER of our latest giveawayIf you see your name below you have won your choice of two headbands from Heads Up Bands!  They are pretty awesome.  I wore one just last night (it even had some bling on it).  Here is the catch…you have until Wednesday, October 30th at midnight (CST) to claim this prize and you must e-mail The Journey at to claim it.  A comment here is great and we love comments…but we actually need an e-mail because we have some specific info to send the winner.  If the winner doesn’t claim the prize in time (12:01am e-mail on Thursday morning means that you missed the deadline) we will be starting this giveaway all over and will give everyone a chance to enter all over again.

Drum roll, please.

And the winner is… Cara J.

The clock is ticking, Cara.  Instructions on how to claim this prize are above.

pink line

My need for some Monday Motivation was for 2 specific reasons…

  1. because I am starting a new workout and today was day 2.  Part of the to-do’s on the exercise list for this morning was a bunch of exercises that really aren’t my favorites.  I am just working out by myself so I could skip some…but that won’t get me where I want so I just need to kick my own butt a bit and do it.  Helpful sayings to read or pictures with quotes help me and so I read quite a few before I did my workout this morning.  The pictures that I put below are from a board that is just outside of the room I teach in every Monday morning.  These are just a few of the signs that I get to walk by and read before I start the class.
  2. Reason number is not so fun.  I really had a weekend that left me wondering if being a fitness instructor was worth it all.  I don’t usually feel this way but there was a specific person that was just downright rude to me in a class recently.  It left me with their attitude and I just couldn’t shake all the negative stuff that was thrown my way.  Not only were rude comments said before and during class but this person also moved my stuff.  My stuff…where I was going to be teaching the class, by my water, by the music, by my notes, and also by the clock so I could actually see it (I don’t have 20/20 eyes…and don’t wear glasses or contacts…and being where I placed the mat would have helped).  I left the class with people says “thanks” and happy about the workout but the attitude and the words from this one individual wrecked my weekend.  I know that I did a good job and that we worked hard in that class…I have no doubt about that.  I just wish that everyone who stepped in the room that I teach is fully open to different ways of having a class.  This person had an expectation to do specific things in class and I had a different and fun plan for the class that day…although they did their own thing anyways during the class.  I can teach…but I can’t teach those that aren’t wanting to be challenged in ways that are out of their norm.  I actually am starting to get over all of negative feeling that I felt from this person…so I’m getting there.  This morning I taught another great class of people that were ready to be challenged…and they did amazing!  I am working with women that are finding out that they are stronger than they thought and getting healthier each step that they take.

20130717-222549.jpgOn to some Monday MOTIVATION!  I hope that these inspire you in some way today.  And…if you are the winner you really need to just e-mail us today.  K?  🙂

Thanks for being part of The Journey!  







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