Day 31: What’s Next?

Eating Paleo 31 DaysWoo hoo! I survived eating Paleo for 31 days! It’s been a good ride, and I hope to continue some good eating habits, so I need to set up some boundaries and get a plan for what happens next.

Before I go into that, I have to admit I had five candy corns today. It’s Halloween! If you don’t consume a little sugar, you aren’t American, right? So I made the Whole30 without cheating, but day 31 was just a bonus, right? 😉 I helped with two class parties today, and we played Bingo and used candy corn. I just couldn’t resist.

It’s a good example, though, of how I could basically waste all this hard work with a big sugar binge. I need a plan. Here’s what I’m thinking:

I want to still be pretty strict with sugar. It’s my drug of choice, and usually just a little bit leads to eating a lot more. I’m not good with moderation when it comes to sugar. I need to find a level of moderation that works. And while sugar is in everything (ugh!), the sugar in spaghetti sauce and Lawry’s seasoning, to name a few, is probably not what derails me. I get in trouble with soda, cookies and the like. So, no soda for the rest of 2013. (I should say for life, but, you know, a shorter goal seems more attainable.) I want sugary treats to be very occasionally, so I’ll make them an exception. If I start having a treat on a daily basis, I’ll have to go back to none for a while to get back on track.

I want to reintroduce dairy, grains, legumes and the other non-Paleo foods one at a time, as much as possible. Tomorrow is pizza night in my family, and as gooood as a slice of pizza sounds, that would be adding dairy and wheat at the same time. Bummer. I’m going to start with dairy. I have a big container of Greek yogurt in my fridge. I’ll try not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. 😉 Ha! Ha! It is recommended to only add one food at a time, too, so that means yogurt, cheese, ice cream and a glass of milk all need to be reintroduced separately. You might react poorly to peanuts but not a different legume. So, while it’s called Eating Paleo for 31 Days, it will likely take another 31 days to “test” all of the foods.

I really should be eating salads on a regular basis. They are easy to throw together, filling and good for me. I like them now (Wow!), so I really have no excuse. I’m going to set a goal of getting five salads a week. I might have to figure out some ranch dressing soon, though. 😉

Protein at breakfast is a very good thing. I want to eat more protein in the morning, likely from eggs. I would like to work on getting my kids to eat more protein in the morning, too.

I do enjoy cooking and baking (Not as fond of all the dishes. Heh.), so I’d like to reduce the amount of processed foods we eat. This will be a much slower process because it will incorporate my whole family, and some of it will be adjusted by how well reintroducing foods goes. Having nothing processed for a month makes you realize how much you really don’t need crackers, cereal and the like.

There is probably more, but this is a good start, and it is getting late. I suppose if I stay up long enough I can start eating my yogurt at midnight! 😉 Thank you so much for joining me on this journey! I truly couldn’t have done it without all of you! There were days when I wanted to quit, but I would say to myself, “I don’t want to let The Journey Groupies down!” So, thank you for reading, commenting and encouraging me! Please contact me if you ever have questions or decided to try eating Paleo yourself. If I can eat Paleo for one month, ANYONE can do it. I promise. You can reach me through Facebook, Twitter, email (coribaum(at)yahoo(dot)com, or just comment below.

I can’t leave without posting today’s meals:

Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and a banana.

Lunch: Leftover chicken breast, broccoli and an apple. (And those five candy corns.)


Supper: Leftover beef fajita stuff from last night and some pumpkin seeds. (Not enough for supper, but it was what I grabbed between some Halloween festivities this evening. I’m going to eat another apple before I go to bed.)

There are also some great resources about what to do post-Whole30 over at the Whole30 site: (Part of the reason this post is so late … I’ve been reading a lot on this site.)

  • Ride Your Own Bike :: This one talks about how the Whole30 is a little bit like training wheels, and it get’s a bit more risky going off the strict plan and riding on your own two wheels.
  • Life After Your First Whole30 :: This post asks people to comment on their experience, and the comments are all worth reading. (It might inspire you to try a Whole30 of your own!)
  • It’s Our Own Darn Program :: This one is written by the founders of the program, and they discuss how hard it is, even for them. There are lots of tips for a successful Whole30.

Have you missed any of the Eating Paleo for 31 Days posts? Click here for a page with all of the posts.


CoriCori is a wife, mom of three and random writer who is learning how to take small steps towards big goals. She tends to be an all-or-nothing kind of person, but a journey to learn how to run (something she always hated) has taught her a lot about gradual, slow change. She has a degree in journalism and enjoys doing research and writing.


4 thoughts on “Day 31: What’s Next?

  1. Lisa

    Congratulations Cori! Way to go! It has been inspiring to read about your journey. I look forward to reading/hearing about your next journey!



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