Made to Crave: Chapters 12 & 13

I hope you enjoyed your week off from our Made to Crave book study. For those of you following us on Facebook, you know it was just one of those weeks for me. Thanks for your grace.

M2C Chap 12 13Chapter 12 is a really important one to grasp: losing weight will not make you happy. Yes, you will be proud of yourself and you will rejoice over a lower number on the scale, but true happiness and joy cannot be found in a number. Our true joy comes from God and God alone.

It is easy to get stuck in the “once, then” thinking. “Once I lose 10 lbs, then I’ll …” (fill in the blank.) “Once I get into these jeans, then my life will be perfect.” It’s just a big, fat lie. We are never going to be perfect, and life will still happen in our skinny jeans.

Are you relying on a number to feel happiness, joy or acceptance? How can you start to look to God for those things instead?

Chapter 13 seems like a good one for me today. It’s the last day of my 31 Days of Eating Paleo, so there is a big question of “what is next?” Will I keep up with some healthy habits, or will I go back to my old self and overindulge? And, the more important question: is food an idol I turn to instead of God?

I can see this going both ways, really. I could get so consumed with a certain eating plan that I rely on food to save me instead of God. Or, the reverse, of turning to food in an attempt to solve or drown out problems in my life, rather than relying on God.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a sermon on gluttony. We really seem to avoid this topic, don’t we? Lysa is onto something, though, because this is more than just overeating. If we are made to crave God, and we fill our lives with the wrong things while trying to fill that craving, we can never find the joy we talked about in Chapter 12.

I think God cares about all of the details in our lives, so He does care about our weight. But, ultimately, He cares about our hearts, and He desires to be the one we turn to in everything.

Do you have things you put in front of God, maybe unintentionally? Are you taking steps towards removing barriers that get in the way of your relationship with God?

Here’s a song for the week:


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