Angie’s Journey…100+ pounds lost

As we read stories of people that are on their journey to get healthier…we get inspired!  Just like you, it is sometimes a very familiar path that we are reading about because we notice that our own life has many similarities.  Changes can happen and we can all do it…sometimes it just takes a story to help us realize that it is possible.  

We have had a few stories that we have shared so far at The Journey and today we are adding another one to the page “The Journeys of Those We Call The Groupies”.  

The story today is of a groupie at The Journey who is a mom to 4 boys…ages 16, 11 and twins that are 9.  Yep, some of you right now already are realizing that this is a busy mom.  And if she can do this…so can any other mom out there!

Read the story below and show your support for this amazing woman!

Angie lots of pics

Angie’s Journey:

My journey started a few years ago. I choose to change my life, meaning, I got sober. With that I gained weight and I didn’t realize how much weight until Dec. of 2012. I had to have carpal tunnel surgery and had to get on scale.

I weighed 346lbs.  I sat in the Drs. office and cried. I decided then and there I am going to do everything to get this weight off.

January of this year I started! The Dr. recommend some changes for me such as downloading the MyFitnessPal app and excercise 5 times a week!  I also cut out pop.

At the beginning I could hardly walk around the block…but I kept going. I started to do TaeBo and loved it. Once it got warmer I did more outdoor things such as walking and even started jogging. Still keeping my calorie count daily and eating fresh, lean foods the weight continued to fall off! I even completed 2 5ks!

Through all this my dad suffered a massive stroke and I had step in and take care of him. He was very proud of my progress. He passed away a month ago along with my father in law 5 days earlier. They have been my motivation to keep going.

As of today I have lost 147lbs and weigh 199lbs. I’m going to keep moving and feel blessed for the support of my close family and friends who encourage me on a daily basis! Life is awesome!!  Today, I am able to keep up with my 4 boys and husband. I enjoy doing things with them again especially being outside and active.

We are very proud of you, Angie!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.  We know that it will inspire others to make healthier choices in their life.  You are a great example that change is possible if you put in the work.

Do you have a story that you would like to share at The Journey?  We are always looking for more REAL people to share their journey.  Want more info?  Send us a message at or through Facebook at  

warrior dash cori and jessThanks!

Jessica & Cori


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