FRIDAY FUNNIES!…words from our pets

I not only have three kids but we have a puppy.  A 70ish pound yellow lab.  Who has more pounds coming…we’ve been told.

He is an 8 month old spunky puppy…that is like a horse.  (He can make me mad too…like when he takes my shoes…but there are fun moments thrown in there!)  He has energy.  He has a loud bark.  He has his own personality.  And…he does crazy stuff.

Today we are bringing you some funnies that are pet related.  Get ready to smile, laugh and be happy…all thanks to some animals that we call pets.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

– Jessica

funny cat 2







funny dog 1









funny cat 1









funny dog 3







funny dog 2


...and your thoughts are...go ahead, type away!

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