Small Changes Challenge #3

A few weeks ago I started going back to the basics…back to what I did when I first lost all the weight.  Bad habits were creeping back into my life and I was in need of change.

I learned in the past that short term diets just make me gain more weight.  I would do a total overhaul of what I ate, throw out all that junk food stuff, exercise for insane amounts to burn those calories…and wanting it to all be off Biggest Loser style.  Yeah…I live in the real life and it just doesn’t happen that way.  We all know that.  In fact, very few people have had consistent weightloss with the fad diets.  It isn’t just a you and me thing.

Follow along with me and take one step at a time…and just focus on one small change.  Learn how to make living healthy a lifestyle rather than a temporary thing.  You can do it!  Here is what I have done so far with week 1 and 2 (you can click on the week to find out more about that page)…and now we are on week 3.

Week 1:  It was all sorts of mental prep for this journey of small changes

Week 2:  Cut out the sugar.  Headaches and cravings were in high demand.

Drum roll, please.  Let’s announce what Week 3 was all about.

small changes challenge waterWeek 3:  More Water – Less Pop.

My goal is to get healthier and keep this bad habit of drinking pop at bay.  I always have a reason for why I am making the small change and it is pretty specific as to why I am picking each particular action…and for me, this is a bad habit.  This is also something that my body doesn’t need and I know that there are some bad side effects from drinking this stuff (although I really, truly enjoy some of those sips)

The small change of pop for me is this…it is a bad habit and it needs to stop before it gets out of hand.  At the moment it might just be one pop a day but 2 or 3 or more could happen before I realize it.  My top pop usage…back in the good ‘ol days of being my top weight…was in that 8 to 10 cans a day range.  (gasp!…I hear all of you not believing this…but believe it because it is true.  I also had no problem just opening up a warm can of Diet Pepsi and guzzling it.  I could have won championships for drinking pop in a timed event.)  At this high consumption of pop I felt like I was puffy, my face looked swollen, my body was dehydrated, I couldn’t lose weight, I had no energy…and I could go on and one.  I was in denial of all these things.

Nothing good was coming from that tasty beverage but yet I was addicted and clung to those sips of sweetness, especially in the moments when I was stressed.

Last week, I hit 2 pops in 1 day.  It was time to change the habit!  Here is my journey of 7 days with this change and some helpful tips if you are ready to tackle this small change.

Day 1:  my goal today was just survivie.  I’ve given up pop before with our Drop the Pop Challenge but this habit has snuck back in my life.  One pop a day, for me, isn’t bad but I know I don’t even need that and it doesn’t help my body in any way.  Day 1 I had 1 pop…and it was a quick stop at the store to grab one along with a few groceries.  I was very aware of what I was doing…and mentally was trying to decide if I grabbed it because it was habit, if I was thirsty or because I was just thinking about it and so I wanted it.  Still not sure.

Day 2:  Driving.  Pop in my car.  Anyone from The Journey see me while I am on the road?  (some of you are out there and tell me that you read what I write…and that helps keep me in check…fyi)  Gotta drink more water.  I had my water bottle with me all day and I did drink more today…just need to remember to drink more.

Day 3:  Big workout day today.  2 cycling classes and this is supposed to be my rest day.  No rest day in sight for, oh, 5 more days.  Water is so important in workout recovery.  Cycling specifically, 1 ounce of water is needed for each minute that you are in class.  Today, that is 100 ounces of water just because of class.

Day 4:  No pop.  I did it!  I wanted one but just drank my water instead.  I had thoughts of pop but that was it.  No craving for it today.  There isn’t any in the house either so if I want to really have a pop I have to drive to get one.  That’s a tip for ya, right there…if you have a craving for a specific item and you are trying to break the habit, get it out of your house.  Driving to the nearest store takes a lot more work and effort than just going to your fridge or cupboard.

Day 5:  No pop.  I had the chance to grab one today but just stuck with the water.  When water seems too boring I put some fun stuff in it to make it taste a bit better on those taste buds.  Check out the link for infused water that I have used…and like.  🙂

Day 6:  Crazy busy day.  Teach cycling.  Youngest also has no school during my class so life is a bit mixed up today.  A day at water challengework with his daddy (or a few hours) was great for him while I went to workout with people.  It was probably one of the best classes that I have taught because the people were just awesome!  Here was my timeline for today…8am – 3pm…big kids off to school, teach cycling, pick up youngest, work with clients at home gym, eat.  All in that order.  The kiddo and I were famished by the time we had a chance to eat.  Lunch happened at 2pm and pop was my drink of choice…& it didn’t taste as great as I wanted it to taste.

Day 7:  Pop was had…but it could be my last day.  More of  a habit to grab one from those coolers at the aisles in the store?  This is a work in progress but I did drink less pop this week than I did the previous week.  That is a step in the right direction.  I just need to learn to grab water or gum at those registers rather than a pop.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!  Good luck with the small changes that you are working on.  If you share your comments I’ll be sure to think of you as I am working on mine.  😉

The next small change has already started…and it is an interesting one.  You will want to check back next Tuesday and read all about it!

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica

Jessica is a mom of three kids…and one very large puppy.  She is a wife, business owner, fitness instructor and occasionally has some creative ideas that make her feel crafty.  She is a graduate from Iowa State University with a degree in Marketing.


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