Made to Crave: Chapters 18 & 19

Well, we are at our last week of our book study! I hope you have learned a lot through this journey. I suspect you will continue to learn in the months ahead as you apply some of the truths in this book to your life. (If you have missed any of our study, please visit the first post in the series here. All of the weeks are listed at the end of that post, and you can jump in at any time.)

M2C Chap 18 19Chapter 18 jumps around a lot. There isn’t really one theme, but there are a lot of good things to remember. I very much agree that once you reach your goal weight you are in danger. It is so easy to become complacent and fall back into your old habits. We feel like we deserve a break (and maybe we do), but the break can quickly turn into sabotage if we aren’t careful. Easing up on restrictions can open a fire hose of temptation.

My pastor has a saying that if you can touch someone, they aren’t your enemy. Satan is our enemy. We sometimes get confused and think a person — or food — is our enemy. As you continue on your journey to better health, I hope you can remember that food is not an enemy, but it might be a tool used by the enemy. May we remember all that we gain by focusing on Christ and letting Him be all we need. We have to define for ourselves what is permissible and beneficial. It will look different for each of us. This is not a time to compare to others, only look to Christ.

Has this study been hard? Are you like me and you haven’t followed your “beneficial” goals as much as you would have liked? Let’s remember Lysa’s words about not beating ourselves up over mistakes. He loves you for being you! Not for being perfect, or a certain size or for avoiding a certain food. There is nothing that can separate us from His love. (See Romans 8:38-39.) Repent if you need to, but stop beating yourself up.

Chapter 19 is a pretty big pep talk, don’t you think? I really can’t add much to it, except to repeat Lysa’s words: You are an overcomer! You can find victory, because Christ has given us victory. He has defeated all sin and struggles on this earth, and while we still must fight the battles, we know He is the ultimate victor!

I hope this book has given you some tools for fighting those battles, whatever they may be in your life. The last two sections of the book have some great tools with the verses mentioned in the book and some “scripts” to use in your own mind when confronted with temptation.

I know I already used this song, but I really have no choice but to use it again. 😉 You are an overcomer! And don’t forget it.


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