The Small Changes Challenge

small changes coverThe last few weeks I’ve been sharing some of the small changes that I have been working on in order to get to a healthier lifestyle that I can function and live with…like a normal person.

Today I am inviting you to come on this journey with me and join our challenge.  We even have a prize for one person that finishes this challenge with us…so keep reading.

For me…I know that making small changes and adapting those little things in my life is what works.  I can’t do a complete overhaul of my food and workouts and start on a Monday and expect to stay on that path for a month and have awesome changes happen.  I burn out.  I quit.  I start to crave my tastier foods again that I cut out entirely.  I cave in, eat what I want or decide to sleep in and skip a workout and then…guilt.

It is a cycle.  If you are on this site or reading other health types of blogs…you probably know this cycle very well.

It is a cycle and not only do you know this cycle that is part of your life…but so do all the companies that are marketing diet products.  It is plastered all over the internet with stupid “get skinny” diets or special products that are needed to buy to get that certain way or to tone that certain area.  These ads and status updates on Facebook and Pinterest truly disgust me.  I read those and I want to just go on a rant…but that wouldn’t be “supportive” and our Facebook page would probably get banned.  😉  It enrages me though when I see posts that are just about getting money for selling some product when the person or company isn’t being honest about their intentions.  And the products that promote your body shrinking inches by wearing it or freezing the fat off…seriously?!

To be honest…you are going to get bombarded with these ads for about 3 months.  It has already started and the peak is going to happen right around Christmas with a high continuing until about the end of January.  Radio ads, tv ads, magazine articles and covers that make you think that all women are size 0 with no flaws whatsoever, Facebook and Twitter blurbs…everywhere you look, see and hear…it will be talking about losing weight.  You might as well turn off all media and close your eyes while you drive because if you don’t feel guilty already about how you look, the media will soon make sure that you do.

The Small Changes Challenge is not about making you feel guilty.  It’s not about going all Paleo.  It’s not about going all low-carb.  It’s not about trying to be the person that works out everyday for 3 hours…it is about learning to live healthier and figure out how to do that individually.  It can happen this way.  You won’t hear a marketing ad for this because…it is free…and you can do it all on your own.

Small changes work.choices week 1

  • You will learn how to live healthy…one little change at a time.
  • Your body will adjust at a pace it can handle and won’t be shocked into the diet fad of the season.
  • You can eat food that is yummy…it is possible to eat and be healthy/lose weight…in fact, I recommend it!
  • Progress and results will happen…but you need to be patient and consistent.
  • You need to do the work…because if you don’t, well…nothing changes.
  • Start with small things…track your progress…and keep challenging yourself when things get comfortable.

How is the challenge going to work?

  • This challenge will last for 12 weeks…which will be 12 small changes that you will be working on.  We will focus on one small change for 1 week and add on another small change to that the following week.
  • We will be posting once a week (Sundays) on this website with the small change that we will be focusing on for the week.
  • Homework will be posted as well and must be completed in order to be eligible for the prize that will be given away at the end of the challenge.
  • Tracking sheets will be given for the week that you can print off.  You can also just use your own paper, notebooks or notes apps on your smartphones.  Anything works…but tracking is very important.  Tracking allows you to stay focused during the week and provides a tool so you can look back and see how you are doing and what you might need to work extra on.
  • We will also be posting on the Facebook event page frequently…so if you are on Facebook, be sure to join us there!
  • Interaction!  We need you to be part of this…share your great days, your bad and if there is an ugly one in there too…we want to hear those.  This is a journey of change and it will have easy days but some hard ones too.  The more you are involved the better success you will have.  We all need the support of others…and who knows, your story of success or struggle may encourage someone else in their own journey.
  • Rules:  no bashing others and no selling products on this event.

What is the prize?  That might be all some of you are thinking about right now…what will I get if I win?

Well, besides a healthier YOU, you will have a chance to win a box filled with great fitness related items.  Some of those items will be focused around some of the changes we are working on (so I can’t give the info away yet) and others are just some fun items that anyone would like.  You will also receive a handmade bracelet with “The Journey” stamped in the metal.


Small Change #1   Find all the positive quotes and pictures possible that make you want to change or inspire you.

Put them on your phone. Hang them on your fridge. Put one in your car. Wherever. Whatever. Remind yourself of these positive things and focus on them. Change is not just a physical battle but also a mental one. In fact, I would say that my mind plays a much bigger role than my muscles. 

If I have a barbell sitting on the floor and it is 70 pounds, which I know I can lift over my head, but I have one sliver of doubt that I can’t do it today…I won’t be able to. My body can do it…I’ve done it before…but my entire body must be on board. My mind is what pushes me, what tells me that I can go one more time even when my muscles are screaming that I can’t.

My mind is what tells me that it doesn’t matter if people are watching because I am doing this for me and those looks don’t matter…cause I am doing an awesome job! When I mess up and don’t do the exercise with 100% perfection (which happens a lot), I am still doing an awesome job! I tried. That in itself is awesome.

Our mind is a powerful tool when we talk about getting healthy and making small changes. If our minds aren’t in this we may as well just sit on the couch and continue eating that ice cream as The Biggest Loser is on (yes, I’ve done that).

You can read more about this part of my own journey with this challenge at a post I wrote a few weeks ago…Small Changes #1

Homework…Find all those positive quotes, pictures that motivate you, verse, poems or even past pictures of yourself. Keep telling yourself “I Can!” and start believing it.  E-mail your favorite quote or picture to

Calendar and Tracking Sheet…click on the attached document, print off and use these tools for this challenge

Small Changes Challenge calendar tracking sheet december

Thanks for being part of The Journey!  I’m excited to be part of this challenge with you!


Jessica is a mom of three kids, wife to one and has an energetic puppy.  Jessica has had her own journey of getting healthy using small changes…and you can read about her own journey here.


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