FRIDAY FUNNIES!…just a few random funnies for smiles :)

silly putty jokeWhile growing up, Sunday meant two things…

  1. the fam was getting dressed up and going to church
  2. the funnies were in the paper!

One of my favorite memories is taking Silly Putty and putting it on the colored cartoons.  I would carefully select which cartoon I wanted to keep forever and pushed down as hard as I could on the odd feeling concoction in my hands.  As I pulled the Silly Putty off the paper I could see my favorite toon and hold it in my hand.

Consider this your Sunday paper…and enjoy a few smiles.  You can’t copy these with Silly Putty…your computer or phone may not be too happy about that…but you can pass on the smiles to others by sharing this post.

If you haven’t heard…we have a pretty amazing challenge going on right now too.  Prizes are involved and changes are going to happen in a way that is setting you up for success.  Check it out here:  Small Changes Challenge

Enjoy!…and thanks for being part of The Journey


Jessica is a mom to three kids, wife to one and has a puppy that is about 70 pounds so far…yep, so far.  Jessica is a fitness instructor and teaches indoor cycling and strength training at two gyms in Rochester, MN.  Jessica also works one-on-one with women and encourages them with their fitness goals.



funny comic 3


funny comic 5


funny comic 6


funny comic 2


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