FRIDAY FUNNIES!…it’s all about perspective (and the weather apparently)

Wednesday morning I got out of my car at 5:30am and much to my surprise…it felt as if I had no pants on.  The cold and wind were at the incredible temp of -26 degrees…and it felt like it.

That same day this video was soon flooding newsfeeds and I too had the pleasure of watching…laughing…and wondering what in the world California is really like.  I mean, serious.  They had temps in the 70’s and it was as if their lives were in turmoil.

Watch the video, smile, laugh and check out a few other cold weather funnies.  🙂

cold funny 2







cold funny 5








cold funny 6








cold funny 3











– Jessica

You can read more about Jessica and Cori, the writers at The Journey at the About Page.


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