Some Good Reads

If you are like most people, you aren’t reading many blogs right now. You are busy rushing around doing all things Christmas. Me, too.

So, instead of posting something new here today, I’m reminding you of some of what we’ve published over the last 11 months. So, if the Christmas Crazy slows down for you over the next few days and you find yourself needing something to read on a new gift, like a tablet or phone, here are some highlights from The Journey:

How did this place even start? And why? All the details are found by clicking this —-> The Beginning of The Journey

Need some inspiration from real people, just like you? We have a whole page of stories here —-> The Stories of Those We Call the Groupies

Motivation MayNeed to laugh? Go here. —-> Friday Funnies

Want to know about Motivation? How about a four-part series —-> Motivation May

Need some holiday reading? We had a Made to Crave Book Study this fall. Check it out! —-> Made to Crave

Looking for some exercises to work off those holiday treats? Jessica has a whole page of free workouts! —-> Free Workouts! Free!

And, don’t forget the latest challenge. You can still join (although you might not be eligible for the prize). It’s our start the New Year off on a good note plan! —-> The Small Changes Challenge

I can’t say this is our best stuff, it’s just what comes to mind for me right now as I type by the light of my Christmas tree. Don’t worry. We’ll be back with lots of fresh, new content soon. Let us know what you want to read about so The Journey’s second year can be spectacular!


...and your thoughts are...go ahead, type away!

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