FRIDAY FUNNIES!…New Years style

January 1st has come and another year has gone.  I had the opportunity to teach a few classes at the gym on New Years Day and let’s just say…it was CRAZY BUSY!

My first class that I taught not only had a bunch of people in it but also some camera crews.  I didn’t get the memo that one of our local tv stations would be in the room with me the entire time with a camera so close to my butt that I feared what would be on someones 60 inch tv.  Popcorn was also being made outside the door to the room and I was hungry…and it smelled a bit like fried chicken.

I saw people working out at the gym in jeans.  I saw some with workboots on (yes, big, clunky boots!), the majority of people didn’t have water bottles with them and the looks on their faces as their muscles feel some movement after 8 months of not being used…priceless.  I love that people are moving more though.  I love that they are trying.  I love that they are focused on something that they want to do and they are working on accomplishing it.

Every January 1st will be like this.  No doubt about it.

I am all about encouraging those I see who are starting out to keep working hard and not give up…even if they are sore.  There were several people in the classes that day that were trying new things and I made sure to let them know that I was proud of them.  Being sore is part of the process and results do happen if you stick with it.  At The Journey we chat a lot about how to make things happen in small ways and get pretty serious about it the majority of the time…BUT…

Today is Friday and on Friday we are funny…we are going to laugh a bit at the funny part of New Years Resolutions…because really…there is a funny side to all the goal setting going on right now.  Enjoy!  Laugh a bit.

small changes coverOn the serious side of things, we do have a solution to all the crazy and unrealistic goal setting at the moment though too.  If you are looking for a realistic way to make changes this year…check out our Small Changes Challenge.  It works and will help you be one of the people that is still working on those goals in February.  We even have a special prize for one person that finishes this challenge.  This challenge originally started 5 weeks ago but we just started a new group for those wanting a chance to join in.  Deadline to enter is soon and all the details on how to get signed up for the FREE challenge is in the link:  Small Changes Challenge.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!


Jessica is a mom of three kids, wife to 1 and has a very active puppy.  Life is busy with the family and also with teaching fitness classes at two local gyms in Rochester, MN.  You can read more about her story at The Beginning.

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