The Small Changes Challenge #6…It’s Not Easy Being Green

small changes coverWeek 6 is here…which means we are halfway through this challenge!  

The last few weeks I’ve been sharing some of the small changes that I have been working on in order to get to a healthier lifestyle that I can function and live with…because I live in America and am surrounded by all the good foods/bad foods and crazy schedules just like you.  I’m not perfect though…and I eat “unhealthy” at times and need to get back on track just like everyone.  If I swap out all the junk for all healthy stuff…I will crash and burn.  So, small changes work best for me and I just add on and build to those changes.  

“A small change is better than no change…and you have a better chance of sticking with it.”

Several people that follow The Journey are going right along with this free challenge…and some are even in the running for a prize at the end!  We just finished up a week of getting focused and the week before we did planks!

Did you miss a week?  You can find the links to what we have covered so far in this challenge right here:  Week 1   Week 2   Week 3  Week 4  Week 5

Small Changes Challenge Week 6:  It’s Not Easy Being Green

Ranking right up there with water…my second hardest thing to consume would be the green stuff.  Vegetables just don’t scream “eat me!” and I have never said that I am craving a salad.  I just don’t.  My tastebuds would rather be eating chips or some chocolate…or a nice, juicy hamburger with all the fixins’.  Pretty sure I’m not alone on this one either because the majority of people eating out at restaurants aren’t picking that salad option either.  Am I right?

When I first made the choice that my life needed some redirection…putting greens back in my diet was part of the plan.  Just like with my water consumption back in the day of obese world…my veggie consumption was pretty much null and void.  Potatoes that were fried and sliced in the longer fashion were my veggie of choice (and we all know that those really aren’t high quality veggies once they get to our plate).  During those pregnancy years I consumed many a french fry…and that continued for quite some time after the little ones were born.  In fact…with my first and third child…I had a craving for McDonalds fries.  The second child…it was Burger King fries.

I will still have fries with my meal every now and then but I also know that I am exercising and if that is what I want to eat at the moment…I am ok with that.  I know that I can’t eat french fries a lot but I can eat them.

make change happenI was once asked “How did you make the change in what you ate?”

For me…it really was a simple math equation.

Eat bad foods + don’t exercise = hips will always have pain

Eat those cheeseburgers + add a side of fries = you won’t lose weight

Eat crappy and non-nutritious foods = end up being diabetic and have heart problems that run in the family

I gotta say…that last equation is really what did it for me.  Add those other issues in there too and I really had no choice BUT to start eating differently.  I knew that the foods I was eating were not the best choices and the power to make the change was really all up to me.  If I wanted to be able to play and have fun with my kids without being winded…I could…but I would have to change things.  If I wanted to be able to have a day without pain running through my hip and pelvis…I could…but I would have to change things.  If I wanted to be able to live another 40 years without needing medications and heart surgery…I could…but I would have to change things.

See…it is all about what we really want…and we can make the changes…it is just a choice IF we will.

I made the choice to change.  That is all.  Anyone can do that.

Own your journey…be real with your choices and with those around you.small change challenge 6 veggie

What is “The Green Stuff” and the Challenge for The Week?

Pick any vegetable…any vegetable…it just needs to be green.  This week we are going to eat more than we did the week before.  Lettuce, spinach, kale, peas, green beans, broccoli, celery, asparagus, brussel sprouts, peppers…the list just goes on and on!

We have 7 days in a week…and this week you need to have something green at least 6 of those days and find one meal on those days where you eat that green veggie.  Try something new or stick with your favorites.

A Few Tips To Eat More Green Stuff

Probably one of the best inventions is the steamfresh veggies that you can find in the freezer area of your grocery store.  In about 5 to 6 minutes you can have great tasting veggies.  No need for butter or sauces…just eat them steamed.

Here are a few other examples of what I eat and what I have tried (in other words…I don’t like everything):

  • Green beans (you can have these steamed or my favorite…bake or roast them in the oven with bacon!)
  • Asparagus.  I like to roast these with parsnips and carrots after they are mixed with some olive oil.  Put them in the oven at about 350 degrees for about 45 minutes…delish!  I also like to wrap these in bacon and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes.  I could eat that everyday.
  • Spinach.  I’m not a huge salad fan but will eat one.  I usually pick spinach as the greens rather than iceburg lettuce.  When I make smoothies I also throw in some spinach leaves.  You can’t taste them…so just put them in there.  Here is a recipe for a smoothie that I make and luv!  (2 out of 3 of my kids do too!)  Smoothie Recipe
  • Kale.  I know…this word is scary for those that aren’t familiar with this leafy creation.  I am not a huge fan either and have tried various ways to put this in my diet.  Kale chips are not like chips…no matter what words are printed on a bag to get you to try them.  They are gross and taste like barf…in my humble opinion.  😉  I do take kale though and put them in my smoothies.  If I don’t see them and don’t use too much…I can eat this veggie.
  • Green Peppers.  Probably one of my favorite things to eat is stuffed peppers.  YUM!  To me…it is like eating lasagna but without the noodles.  I will share a recipe on our site later on this week so you can try it too!  I also cut up peppers and put them in scrambled eggs or with veggies to roast in the oven too.  They also add some zip to a salad.


Write down 3 of your meals where you put those green veggies on your plate and in your mouth.  E-mail this homework to The Journey at  

Keep working on getting that water in each day, watching those amounts of sugar and lifting that body up off the floor with planks at least 3 times a week!  You keep working on these small changes and stay focused on these little things…you will see results.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!  I’m excited to be part of this challenge with you!


Jessica is a mom of three kids, wife to one and has an energetic puppy.  Jessica has had her own journey of getting healthy using small changes…and you can read about her own journey here.


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