FRIDAY…MOTIVATION (oh where are the funnies?)

We are taking a break for a few weeks on the funny stuff and instead are going to send you all sorts of positive vibes your way so you stay motivated during the month of January.

  • We KNOW that you have goals in front of you or that you are focused on something.
  • We KNOW that the schedules are busy this time of year.
  • We KNOW that it is cold outside (for most of us) and it is easier to stay inside.
  • We KNOW that it is easier to pull through that drive-thru and grab a meal than spend time and energy cooking at home.
  • We know that getting sweaty is kindof gross and not always fun.  (just today I wore some capris that I haven’t worn in a long time.  I wondered why…well, until I saw myself in the mirror after my workout.  It looked like I peed in my pants.)

We know all these things…we really do.

You have to understand that all of these things (and more) have gone through our heads more times than we can count.  It is your choice though to decide if you will let the items on that list win…or if you will win this journey.  It is all up to you.

We want you to succeed.  We want you to win this journey!  We want you to reach all those goals that you have in front of you and make sure that you know you are beautiful and confident.

The reality is this though…

  • some people say that most people will work for 2 weeks on their fitness goals and then give up.
  • by February we will start to see a decline in gym attendance…and this happens every year.
  • most beginners will exercise too hard in the beginning and as a result they will fizzle out and get frustrated because it is too hard and it is too uncomfortable.
  • we are promised fast results with everything in life today and that is what is expected with weightloss.  If it took more than a day to put it on…it will take more than a day to take it off.
  • people will support you and others will tear you down as you start to have results.
  • you will have days you are frustrated.  Days where you eat foods you know aren’t on any healthy lists.  Days when you will be too tired and sleep or the couch looks better than a workout.

The choice is up to you on how you handle all of these situations…and more that you will run in to.  We hope that some of these quotes and pictures will help your own journey of success!

think about why you started

I actually say "don't cheat yourself...but this is close

I actually say “don’t cheat yourself…but this is close


motivation 12

motivation 11



Jessica is a mom of three kids, wife to one and fitness instructor at two locations in Rochester, MN.  Jessica enjoys boxing, cycling and lifting such as deadlifts, push presses, glute hip thrusts and turkish getups.  


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