Jessica photo for The JourneyI don’t talk much about what I do each day and my own workouts…because it would bore you to tears.  😉  Today though I am going to share something with you about my journey that we all really need to do more often.  I am also letting you know about the new series I will be doing that really…has left me all jittery and excited for you today (that could be the coffee too? but doubtful)…because there is some awesome info that we will be sharing with you!  Oh…and a secret.  🙂

The Part About Meand what I saw in the mirror today

My journey is not a nice simple, straight path…with no obstacles.  (You can read more of my story here)  At times I have felt like I was climbing up a wall…and I really wasn’t sure when I would get to the top.  I have had so many obstacles thrown my way where I have had to figure out if I would let it keep me in the same spot or if I would find a way to climb over and find my path again:

  • I didn’t always have someone like me around to show me that results are possible.  Just the other day…a women posted to her online group that she got in her pre-pregnancy size 0 skinny jeans 3 months after having a baby…that is NOTHING like me.  I don’t believe I have ever worn a size 0.  “Skinny jeans” are almost like a bad word in our house.  Examples of people with fast results and pictures of their ultra-skinny bodies are out there…and great for them…but that just makes me feel worse about me and my own body type.
  • I have had to go to the weight section of the gym…where the guys are…and had to force myself to stand there and workout with those weights…even when my insides were screaming at me that I was way out of my comfort zone.  I knew people were staring and I had to get over that.
  • I didn’t always have friends by my side who went to the gym with me or encouraged me.  In fact, I lost friends as I continued on my journey.  Never thought THAT would happen!
  • I didn’t have time during the day to hit the gym…so I had to wake up when the clock still had a 4 in the hour.  I am a night owl by nature (ask Cori…we were roommates in college!)
  • Worked for a company for about 5 months where they didn’t really realize that I worked there…but yet someone was teaching their classes.  It was a messed up type of situation.  I was left out of so many work conversations and went through several managers that it truly is amazing that I was still employed by them.  I didn’t get paid for months and yet I was there teaching at 5:45am to a group of people that would not have had a class if I would not have been there.  I learned early that being an instructor is not about the money but never let those in the class know what was really going on…because the class was about them…not me.
  • I had weeks where I was sore all.the.time.  I was reminded of this just this past Sunday as we were sitting down and then standing up for songs and greeting people in church.  I remember when just walking in the building hurt and I really dreaded that stand up/sit down time cause my quads were screaming at me.

Hard work is just that…HARD.  The obstacles we face though in our journey sometimes take on a different type of scenario and is one where we struggle with more on a personal level…and might get inside our head a bit and change our perspective into a negative view of who we really are.

I have had a shirt in my closet since I started this journey…and I have never liked it.  It was a great top and was meant for workouts but my body just wasn’t ready for this top.  We are talking 4+ years of this sitting there and gathering dust.  Do you have one of those?

I have worn it once or twice but NEVER in public.  This was an at-home type of workout top with probably a tank or some type of overlay (like a big, bulky sweatshirt) even over that.  This shirt hugs everything.  EV.ERY.THING!

Today I was getting ready for my workout and was having a day where I really wasn’t too happy with my weight.  I don’t know the actual number I am at…cause I don’t really do scales…but I was thinking my tummy was a little bit tubbier.  My jeans still fit.  My clothes still fit…but I just felt like that.

I decided that today I would try on that shirt and just see how I felt.  Was I getting myself ready for self-destruction?  Possibly.  But I was curious.  I hadn’t tried it on in over a year.

IMG_20140211_112700057I tried it on…and realized that I was proud of me.  Any self doubt immediately went away because the shirt…has never fit better.  In fact, I kindof like it now.  But what I really saw was my arms…and my back…and that my tummy really wasn’t as big as I was thinking it was.  I couldnt’ fit in this shirt a year ago without my tummy trying to squish its way out from under it before.  Today I even rode the bike and the shirt stayed in place.

Today I needed that reminder that the clothes…are just clothes.  My feelings should not be determined by the material on my body or what is hiding in my closet that I am afraid to try on.  The reality is…if there is something that I want…I need to do the hard work to get there.  The visual reminder is a great one but it is also a reminder that sometimes…my perspective that I have in my head…is not what really is in front of that mirror.

What is hiding in your closet that is holding those bad feelings…making you feel like you aren’t working hard?  Maybe you even have a pair of pants from high school that you are still trying to get into (I did!) that gives you sad feelings each time you see them.

photo from

photo from

Let’s clean out those closets and change how we are thinking!  If there is something in there that gives you sad thoughts about who you are today…get rid of it.  Keep what makes you feel great…and get rid of what doesn’t.  Let’s make a pact to get that negative stuff out of there!

“Surround yourself with what gives you happy feelings…you will have a better perspective of who you truly are (which is a fabulous and awesome person!)”  – Jessica at The Journey

Today:  Think about your perspective…and see if you are really looking at reality in that mirror or if there is something going on in that mind that is showing you a different picture.  Take a moment and celebrate you now…because that is the perspective that is best.  That’s right…you are awesome.  🙂

The Other News:  I’ve started a recent study with a group of fabulous women and it is basically the “How To” on food stuff.  We just started and I have already learned so much.  Food is probably my biggest issue (ok, it is!) because I like to eat bad things and I really am not that great of a cook.  Example…I would like to try to cook fish but I have no idea how.  Last time I bought fish I was so scared to try it that it went bad in the fridge while I was mustering up the courage to actually cook the thing.

I am learning…and I will be sharing.

This is the REAL stuff groupies…REAL food (that you can buy from a REAL store!)…REAL workouts (that you don’t have to buy either)…REAL stories (cause my life is just like yours.)  🙂

Want to know what else?!  We have a BIG secret…and tomorrow you are going to learn something pretty exciting that is going on here at The Journey!

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

– Jessica


2 thoughts on “What Is Hidden In That Closet…and New Stuff at The Journey!

  1. pamby57

    Jess…cooking fish doesn’t scare me anymore! I am finally learning to cook at age 60! Don’t wait that long. It has been so fun. I wasted too many years being scared to try. Keep it simple and use real food 🙂


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      You’ll have to give me some tips…not sure how I should even start cooking fish. Any sites you know of with a recipe…or have one you could share with me?



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