Made to Crave: Action Plan…Week 1

Jessica photo for The JourneyWe started a new book series this past week and has left me wanting to just…well, finish it all right now.  It is that good.  I highly recommend picking up a copy if you haven’t already and joining us.  As some of my friends say…it will melt your face. 🙂

Cori went through a book study with groupies at The Journey about the first book “Made to Crave”.  She even included some great videos that really hit home and helped connect to book to those needed more of a visual to go along with the study.  If you are interested in learning more and doing this study at your own pace, you can find her notes and book study here:  Made to Crave Book Study.

Book Study WelcomeI will be taking us through a book called Made to Crave: Action Plan, which is a follow-up to the first book.  (the first book does not have to be done though).

Week 1 we are learning how to plan things out and chatting a bit about how this book is a How To…unlike the other book before that is the Want To.  In other words…this book is about learning how to make these changes happen?

The points that stick out the most for me in this first chapter and in my conversation with the women I am meeting with are these few things:

  • We are marketed 3,800 calories per day…although we shouldn’t be eating that much each day.  The average daily calorie intake to maintain current weight is about 2,000 calories…and with women it is roughly 1,800 and men it is 2,200.  Think about this…and really just think.  As we are picking out those foods we eat, eating more at restaurants, having portions that are larger than what our tummies should handle…can we make that correlation that maybe all the marketing out there is doing its job?  It may not be your fault 100% of the time…but you can say “no” to the ads, the gorgeous photos of food and learn how to read what all those labels are truly saying on the foods that you are consuming.  You can learn how to count calories or listen to when your body is saying “please eat now” rather than just eating when the clock hits noon.  So how much are we eating if we pick one of those famous fast food joints? has already done some of this for us…and you can find out here what some calorie and fat content are in a typical meal from McDonalds.  (oh…that place was visited often when I was pregnant with my first child!)
  • If you have a setback…get back up…and find a way to keep going.  I was watching the Olympics with my family tonight and we have been waiting…and waiting…for Jamaica to participate in the bobsled race.  We watched and watched for over an hour tonight to see if they would race and decided that it was just time for the kids to get to bed.  As soon as they were in bed and snug as a bug…guess who was getting ready to race?  Yep, Jamaica.  We called the kids down and had them watch and I am so glad that we did.  Jamaica didn’t win and in fact finished at over 6 seconds slower than everyone else, which is a huge difference.  Their words though on camera after the race were just amazing.  They have been faced with flights getting missed.  Their luggage and bobsled gear didn’t make it with them to the Olympics.  They don’t even have snow to practice on and had to raise money in order to get to the Olympics…and yet they were still racing today and they made it happen.  In a nutshell, they said…if you face an obstacle, find a way to get around it and keep going.  As you are going on your journey…follow those words.  You will have setbacks.  I’ve had them and will have more I’m sure.  How you handle those obstacles is really what will determine if you succeed.  So make the choice now…that no matter what gets in your way (lack of time, family stuff, money, injuries, etc.)…you will find away around it and will keep on your journey.
  • Our food is just not the same.  There have been huge changes in how products are being manufactured…and we have chatted about this trend before at The Journey.  High fructose corn syrup is a biggie and is something that our ancestors were not consuming.  The generations before us also used whole grains…not grains that were bleached and had to be “enriched” again.  Because of these changes in food…and the changes in how our society functions on a daily basis we are seeing these facts according to the CDC:

These statistics are not only eye opening…but they make me mad…and they should make you mad too.  We can change this and turn this country around and reverse these trends in obesity but we have to stop making food a choice of convenience.  We have to show those producing these products that we want change and we want to be healthier as a country.  We have to stop relying on medicine to fix the problems of obesity and do the work of moving more and eating right to fix it…cause that works too.

    • fiberFiber is Oh-So-Important!  Do you even know how much fiber you are eating?  Do you know what fiber is?  Let’s break it down to help you figure this out…just in case you were like me and didn’t really know.  Here are some details:

“Coming in thousands of forms, fiber is a term for all parts of plant foods the body cannot digest. Found in all fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains and legumes, fiber travels through the body without breaking down. It passes through the body and makes a quick exit. Though fiber has no calories and is not absorbed by the body, it has a variety of health benefits, such as assisting in weight loss and constipation and helping regulate various gastrointestinal disorders.” –

How many grams of fiber should you be eating each day?  Women should be eating 25 grams a day and men should be consuming 38 grams.  On average…adults are usually only consuming about 15 grams of dietary fiber each day.

To view a list of foods and their fiber content…click on this resource from

Last Go-To Point of the Day:  A few women in the group mentioned a video that we had posted awhile ago on sugar…and so today we are posting it again.  It is another video that really is a visual to help us understand how much sugar we are consuming compared to years ago and how our bodies have changed as a result.  Take the few minutes to watch…and let us know what you think.

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

20130717-222549.jpg– Jessica


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