Slide1shannon the journeyI don’t know about you, but I have serious issues spending money on myself sometimes.  It seems like my kiddos always need (read want) something new.  Darn kids, they just keep growing no matter how much I wish they wouldn’t. J  So as they need new clothes, shoes, iPods (wait what?)…I find it hard to spend on myself.  I know I deserve to treat myself some too, but I also am the type of person that know that if I can find it for cheap (or better yet FREE) then I will, and I will love it.

I know that I have friends that tell me all the time “I need to get in shape.”  Ok, get in shape.  I mean, admitting it is the first step right?  The responses are almost always the same though, “I don’t have an extra $XX a month to join a gym” or “I can’t afford a rec membership right now.”  Would I like a fancy gym membership, heck yeah!  Would I like to join our rec or at least sign up for a few fancy classes, of course!  But if I am being frugal with my dollars, can be plentiful with my desire to get fit still?  OF COURSE!

I know that for me, until I feel like I am at a certain level of fitness; I like to stick with at home workouts anyways, so enter the virtual workout!  In this tech-savvy world, there are countless, honestly countless options.  Like right here on The Journey for instance.  Did you know we have a wonderful tab of FREE online workouts?  You should definitely check them out if you haven’t!  Another online fav of mine is Blogilates.  There are lots of fun (and short for those of you limited on time) challenges.

Another great resource that you may have forgotten about is the library.  This has been an awesome way for my hubby and I to try out different workouts and see what we like best and what works for us.  There is SO much selection and since you can check them out for a few fit onweeks at a time, you can really try them out and see what does and doesn’t work.  Thanks to our local library, we have found out how much we enjoy The Biggest Loser workouts, we like them enough that we actually made the investment and started buying them (that is HUGE for me).

So, with that being said, what’s stopping you?

Thanks for being part of The Journey!



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