Norwex Giveaway at The Journey!

Jessica photo for The JourneyA few years ago our family had skin that was itchy, irritated and uncomfortable.  All of our kids had bumpy skin…but changes had to happen in our house because our youngest had it the worst.

When we realized changes needed to happen:  Our youngest was about 1 and he seemed to have the most sensitive skin…EVER!  He also had a tendency to get ear infections and it was just that time of year where it was common for kids to run through the sequences of viruses that they seem to pick up everywhere.  Since he was a baby we would look for the other signs that occur when ear infections seem to be the culprit; rubbing the side of the face and not sleeping well.  Sleep was a tough topic at that time because there are teeth coming in, cribs he didn’t want to sleep in and schedules that just weren’t very typical since there were two older siblings that were involved in activities..but the rubbing on the side of his face wasn’t normal.  The area between his eye and ear was very red and just looked like a rug burn.

This was one of those moments where you think you are a great mom and then you go to the doctor and find out your instincts are off a bit.  Quinn didn’t have an ear infection but did have eczema…and it was so bad that he almost needed a prescription for the sores that he had created from rubbing on the side of his head.

My other kids had this skin irritation as babies too but not as extreme as my little guy.  The doctor gave me some advice though to help clear this up and help his skin not get irritated as much; go fragrance free.

That seems like it isn’t such a big deal until you start to look at what you use.

  • Laundry soap.  Ours had a great smell that we loved!
  • Soaps for his bath…the popular yellow brand was what we used…and it made him smell so good!
  • I knew his skin was irritated but I thought it was because he had dry skin.  I always lathered him up in with some lotion from that very popular pink bottle.  Such a better smell than baby poop and baby spit-up.  🙂
  • With all the baby messes happening and the fact that we ran a day care and we always seemed to have someone who was sick in our home…the smell of cleaning products seemed reassuring.

All of these items were looked at closely…and we realized that we had a lot of smells going on in this house.  I found lotions and soaps that were actually made in my town that were fragrance free.  I started to make my own laundry detergent  that still got our clothes clean but didn’t have the flowery smells left in the clothes.  I was stuck though on cleaning products…and tried some of the homemade versions but just wasn’t very satisfied with everything I tried to make.

I was introduced to a product called Norwex…and was amazed by how well it works with just water.  No smells.  No special chemicals to add…and it got things clean.  I have quite a few Norwex items today and I’ll be honest…I do use bleach on a few things in the house…but guess what?!  The skin on our little guy has been so much better the last few years since we made these changes…it is so worth not having all these smelly things around.

sports-towelENTER THE GIVEAWAY!  NOW it is YOUR chance to get a Norwex product…for FREE from The Journey!  We are giving away a Sport Towel…which is perfect for anyone who exercises, hikes, rides bikes or needs a towel while they are out and about.  Check out the info below and enter the giveaway today.  Deadline to enter is March 9th! Click the Rafflecopter box below or this link to enter.

Norwex Towel Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


13 thoughts on “Norwex Giveaway at The Journey!

  1. Melissa

    We also suffer from eczema in our household. We’ve switched to using coconut oil (yes, the kind you use for cooking) as our only moisturizer. All natural, gentle to the skin and smells wonderful!


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      I’ll have to try that. We have a lot of that in our house but I haven’t thought about using it as a moisturizer. Thanks for the tip! – Jessica


  2. mrscreto

    My 2 month old has the worst eczema but all 5 of our boys have some. The microfiber cloths are great but I haven’t tried Norwex. This is the first time hearing about the company! I want to have more natural and healthy products for our family!


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      Make sure you have entered the giveaway and maybe you will win! 🙂 If you need a contact for Norwex items…just let us know how to contact you. You can send me an e-mail at and we can get you connected! Thanks…Jessica @ The Journey



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