shannon the journeyI am a collector. It is much to my hubby’s dismay sometimes, but I like to keep things. Mostly things that have something to do with our girls. We will find a shirt in a closet and the conversation will go something like this:

Hubby: Does this still fit mini anymore?

Me: No, aw, she is getting so big.

Hubby: So we can get rid of it?

Me: NO! Don’t you remember, that day she went down that slide in the one playground and laughed so hard…she was wearing this shirt.

Then the headshake of defeat, because he knows there isn’t any arguing with me, and I squirrel it away. I’m not necessarily proud of this, so my admittance here to all of you is the first step right?!?! Anywho…this past holiday break from school we were all home (the fab four) so we started cleaning things out. I mean, we had to make room for all the cool stuff Santa brought after all. The hubs and I took on the basement and the girls closets. We ended up with 4 giant garbage bags full of stuff for the trash, and 2 more for donation. It was amazing! It was so cathartic, that I started to see things from my hubby’s side. Was that a great laugh on the slide that day, you bet your bottom it was, but it wasn’t the shirt that made her laugh like that…it was the moment.


This got me thinking about my collecting. I have all the truly important stuff in my cedar chest, but what about things I want to do or try or consider….enter Pinterest. I am an addict. My 12 year old is an addict. My 4 year old is NOT an addict but does like to see what kind of projects I have planned for her. Pinterest is the home for the hoarder. It is electronic hoarding, BUT I can keep whatever I want without filling my actual LIFE with clutter. So, with my home and REAL (non-cyber) life becoming clearer and less bogged down under stuff, I continue to add to my boards.

One of my favorite things to do is pin work out and home spa ideas. I mean, I am not a trainer. I have no actual training in my exercise routines or spa treatments for that matter, but I am willing to try things. I actually prefer to “try before I buy” n case you didn’t get that from my last post. So I thought, well lets make this even more fun.

I have a “Work it” board and a “SPAtacular Ideas” board and I want to actually start trying and doing some of the things I have pinned. We (as in the family collective because the girls want to try some of these) will try out a few new pins each week and then follow up the next Friday about how they worked or are going (for longer ones), if we liked them, didn’t like them, what to try differently next time).

PinnyPig1Think of me as your Pinny Pig (see how I did that there…guinea pig…pinny, ok you get it). 🙂 If there are things you have been thinking about trying that you have “pinned” but aren’t sure about, let me know. Maybe I’ll try them and give them a “review for you. My big rule on this is nothing dangerous. If it falls into that category, I’m not gonna do it. I mean, safety first right?!?!

So for this first round I am thinking of starting smaller. Two workouts tries and two spa tries. For the workouts tries I am going to do The No Squats Belly, Butt and Thighs Workout  since I have been doing LOTS of squats with my Biggest Loser DVD’s, I thought this would be a nice change of pace. The other from my Work It board I am planning to try is 5 Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture. These both come from Prevention and I think are good ones to start with. Especially the yoga. I sit at a computer ALL day at work and I catch my self slumping over from time to time. For the spa side (because pampering yourself is JUST as important as working out and eating right) I am trying this idea I found about shaving with baby oil. I found this on Pinterest and thought it was perfect since my 12 year old just informed me she needs more shaving gel. The idea is to use baby oil instead of shaving cream or gels and it should leave legs smoother, softer, and possibly give you more time in between shaves. The other one I am going to try is wiping vinegar across dry, unpolished nails before painting them to make your polish last longer. My mini LOVES manicures and I love having nice looking nails (especially with spring coming), but again, I work a ta computer all day so they get chipped up fast. Lets see how this changes the game, if at all.

What pins have you been wanting to try?

Yours on The Journey!!



Shannon Fujimura
Shannon Fujimura

Shannon Fujimura is known by many aliases’ Mom, Wife, hey you, office grunt, but likes the first 2 best!  Shannon is THRILLED to be joining The Journey!  I want to help inspire and motivate others the way I have been.  I am FINALLY learning the slow and steady wins the race, at least when it comes to the health of myself and my family.  Step by step we are getting healthier and stronger each and every day.


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