Pinny Pig week 1

So have you all been waiting with bated breath all week to see how my first installment of Pinny Pig was going to go?!?!  I have to say, I was a bit nervous about making sure I had allowed myself enough time to try these new things with the schedule I already have going.  The hubs and I have gotten settled into a great workout schedule, and with the kids and their activities I feel like there is VERY little time left at the end of each day, but for all of you…I made the time.

PinnyPig1Let’s start with my “SPAtacular ideas.”  My mini was so super excited when I told her “We HAVE to give Mommy a manicure this week, she is going to write a story about it.”  My mini is all girl.  She likes skirts, dresses, manicures, high heels, accessories, pink, purple…you name it she likes it.  She is like my very own little Elle Woods (a la Harvard Law as she is also smart as a whip).  She reminds me how important it is to embrace my femininity as well as my strength.  Anywho…we got out our big bag o’ polish and set to work selecting the perfect color for our nails.  She was a bit confused when I busted out the vinegar but I explained we were going to do a nail polish experiment and then she was really excited.  With hopes of spring despite the icy, sleety mess we got hammered with this week I opted for a nice, pail pink shine on my mails.  Mini likes when we do a color and then add polka dots.  The vinegar was applied and we waited for it to dry and then we proceeded as usual with our “manicures.”  I am not sold on it creating a longer lasting polish though.  Perhaps its because I wash dishes and type at a computer all day…or if it just isn’t a working plan.  I do like the fresh, clean smell of vinegar though so that was a plus.

I have said it before, I am over winter.  The snow, the ice, the cold, the constant dry skin…so I was excited to try the baby oil in lieu of shaving cream idea.  Yes, it did leave my legs feeling SO soft and nourished…but not enough to deal with the oil slick left behind in the tub (there may have been a spill incident), the gummed up razor and I didn’t notice my legs staying smoother any longer then my traditional soap and water routine.

Ok, so for the “Work It” portion.  I have been busting my butt with the Biggest Loser DVD’s and pushed myself through the 61 minute Bob Harper Cardio Rev workout and let me tell you…Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are awesome but do they ever love them some squats, so I was SUPER stoked to try the No squats Belly, Butt and Thighs workout.  After doing the Cardio Rev…I had a rough time moving for a few days.  I really worked my hamstrings and glutes so I wasn’t able to commit to this one the way I wanted to.  Add to it that it is supposed to be a 2 week adventure…sooooooooooooooooooooo I am going to keep this on the list this week so I can give it the full 2 weeks and now that I am feeling better leg-wise and I can report back without any cursing 😉  So far though I can say I am liking it.  I feel like those 3 targeted areas are the ones I need to work the most so any way to mix it up to me is a win.

The Five Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture  is awesome!  Most of these are poses I do already with some of my other workouts…but some are ones I can easily take a break and do at work.  They definitely made me more aware of my posture which helped for sure.  I am going to keep doing these for sure as they are also nice and relaxing.  I LOVE incorporating yoga whenever I c an which is why this week I am adding in another yoga piece to try.

So what is on tap for this week?  I am going to continue the No squats Belly, Butt and Thighs workout.. as part of my “work it” challenge as well as Yoga for Bedtime.  I will admit that since I have gotten back into a legitimate workout routine I have been sleeping better and during the day my energy is much better.  I am losing that 600pm sluggish feeling and feeling stronger and more clear.  I was thinking though about how important routine is to kids and thought, why not to adults too?  And this is something mini and I can add into our bedtime routine together and then we can both reap the benefits (fingers crossed).  Plus, like I said, I heart yoga!

Spa ideas to try this week…my girls have been LOVING this!  We have decided to try At-Home Spa Treatment: Moisturize Dry Hair.  My big girl I think will like this the most as she has gorgeous naturally curly hair that she hates taking time to do anything with…so I hear all the time about frizz!  Maybe this will soften it up some for her.  I am also hoping to try a detox bath.  I have a few different ones pinned so I have to decide which one, but I am hoping to get the needed “ingredients” and more importantly get the 30 minutes of quiet time to enjoy.

Are there any pins you want tested out?  Let me know!

Yours on The Journey!



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