Giveaway Sneak Peek!

Jessica photo for The JourneyEach month we like to say “Thanks!” and give back to you!  The Month of March has a giveaway too…and it is coming soon.  Today you get a sneak peak.

We have partnered up with some incredible people and companies and can’t wait to share some awesome items that will be given away during this 2014 year.  We wanted to take a moment and say a big… THANKS!  … to all of you that have been supporting, part of, reading and donating to this site.  You are all amazing.  🙂

narrow roadThis month we are featuring a company called Narrow Road Coffee.  It is near and dear to my heart because of not only what it stands for but also because…well…my hubby co-owns it and I help with different parts.  We roast coffee beans in Rochester, MN and deliver it, ship it and yes…I drink lots of it.  It is quite tasty.  We also make items out of the burlap bags that the coffee beans are shipped in…and the prize package has two of those items in it this month!  If you’d like to find out more about this company you can check out their Facebook page at or their website at

 Here is your Sneak Peek at our March giveaway!  As soon as we have everything ready we will let you know when it starts!

This giveaway has 4 different prizes…and what is given away actually depends on YOU!  The more people that enter…the more prizes we will add to the prize package.  🙂  In order for all 4 items to be given away we need 100+ people to enter.  We have over 800 people that are tied in to The Journey in some way so really, 100 is not that big of a number and is very possible.

Ready for the sneak peek?  We will post the details on how to enter soon!

– Jessica



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