March Giveaway…Narrow Road Coffee Prize Pack

Jessica photo for The JourneyThank you for being part of The Journey!  We SOOOOO appreciate all of you…and we like to say thanks…and give you a chance to learn about some other products too each month that we also adore.

We have a giveaway for March and we are giving away 1, 2, 3 or 4 items from Narrow Road Coffee.  The number of items we give away really depends on you.  🙂  Here are a few pics that explain how it will work.

Prize #1…one leatherbound journal that is very cute.  You get to pick which one!  Bible verses and inspirational quotes are listed as you open up each page.  Value of $29.  We need at least 20 people to enter the giveaway in order for us to send this out in the prize pack.

prize 1

Prize #2…coffee from Narrow Road Coffee!  This is coffee that is freshly roasted in Rochester, MN.  The beans are from various parts of the world and are so yummy!  I drink this basically everyday.  This company ships all over the US (including Hawaii!) and will ship to companies, , coffee houses, bookstores, hospitals, restaurants, houses…anywhere that needs coffee.  One of my favorite things about this company (besides the great taste) is that 25% of the proceeds go directly to missionaries around the world.  I am a bit passionate about this company because my hubby co-owns it and I get to work with it too!  When I put my coffee hat on I grind, bag, seal, deliver, advertise and always have a cup with me to drink.  😉  For this prize pack…coffee variety and size will vary…and the value is $20 or more.  For this item to be included we need 40 or more people to enter the giveaway!


Prize #3…burlap pillow from Narrow Road Coffee.  One side is burlap with the word “relax” and the other side is a light gray/dark gray chevron pattern.  This is made from the burlap bags that the coffee is delivered in for Narrow Road Coffee.  Value is $25.  This prize will be added to the prize package if we get 60 or more entries for this giveaway!

prize 3

Prize #4…Narrow Road Coffee burlap bag!  (in the picture below on the left side)  Handmade (by me!) from the bags that the coffee is shipped in…and this one even has the word “coffee” imprinted from the shipping bag.  Inside and bag has the same light gray/dark gray chevron pattern that is on the pillow in prize #3.  Value is $45.  If we get 100 people to enter the giveaway we will include this bag too!


Now is the time to share, like and enter…because this is pretty cool stuff!  The more people who enter…the more stuff you could win.  Click on the picture below to enter!  It will ask for your e-mail or a way to register…and then you can get more entries for doing different activities with this contest (liking a Facebook page, posting on Twitter, etc.)!  Deadline is March 31st.


narrow road

To find out more about Narrow Road Coffee…check out their website at or their Facebook page at  There are giveaways and special offers posted through those sites as well every few months!

Thanks for being part of The Journey!

– Jessica


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