Pinny Pig…from the heart


Well my friends, I hate to disappoint but this week very little got accomplished on the Pinny Pig front.  Actually that isn’t true…I have done my spa ideas and I am fairly happy this week, and can’t wait to share with you.  But the workout check at the shoe store hasn’t happened due to a family emergency.  I know I promise you a review of “pins” each week, but as a sat and tried to write up how I felt about brown sugar scrubs and teeth whitening, I just couldn’t focus.  I haven’t really shared a lot of my personal self on The Journey yet, so why not start now.  March 25 of this year marked the 21st anniversary of my Dad having a heart attack.  I was 15, we were on our way into church for a dinner, and my Dad collapsed in the parking lot.  That was also the 18th birthday of my fella back in the day, so it became a running family joke.  On April 6 of that same year, my Dad had a triple bypass surgery.  Thank God he came out great and we have been pretty much in the clear since then, at least heart wise. 

Fast forward to today.  I work in a medical school putting together programs for first and second year medical students.  One of the faculty members that I work with does a session on Cardiac Disease and asked if my Dad would be willing to come in and speak to a small group about his experience.  Of course my Dad was on board, he loves to talk and share with people about all sorts of things (I had to get it from somewhere right?!?!).  So my Dad drove the hour up here on Tuesday to speak with a small group.  This sis where the snowball starts.  The patient that was supposed to be interviewed in the lecture was late, so I asked my Dad if he would step in.  Of course!  He’s so awesome isn’t he?!?!  SO I was running around finding the other 11 patients and was in and out of the lecture, but heard a bit where he said he was having symptoms like before and was worried he was back to square one.  WHAT???  This was news to me.  If he was worried something like this was happening why was I hearing about it in this format?  I felt the tears in my eyes and had to leave the lecture hall.

After the lecture portion was over, he went with the small group I assigned him to and spoke in a more intimate setting with 9 students (as opposed to the 168 in the lecture).  Kathy, my faculty member and friend, pulled me aside after the session and expressed her worry about his symptoms to me.  Apparently the students and other faculty member (an MD) must have expressed concern too because my Dad went home that day and called his cardiologist to have his annual check up moved up.  This made me even more nervous because he didn’t feel he could wait.

So sitting at work yesterday, my phone rings and it’s my dear old Dad.  He saw the cardiologist and they want to do a heart catheterization…TOMORROW!  The doc told him to go home and get a change of clothes and his toiletries and go to the ED to be admitted so they could do the cath first thing this morning.  That is when I felt MY heart stop.  This can’t be good.  He is nervous, I can tell.  He’s 21 years older than before, he’s diabetic, he asthmatic…he is a higher risk, and he is just scared.  Me too Daddy.  Me too.  So he goes home, gets my Mom, and off to the ED they go.  My phone finally rings again at 11pm last night and here is the update from Mom: He has a little bit of a temperature and his white blood cell count is elevated so they can’t do the cath until they figure out what is going on with that.  Must be some kind of infection but not sure what as he didn’t realize he even had a temperature, so no cath tomorrow.”  Ok, a little better.  The temp, white blood cell count, chest pain and area of pain could actually be indicating the gall bladder and not blockage.  I would be happy with that.  Small flashback to when my hubby’s gall bladder had to come out and the ED dos left me standing in triage telling me they thought he was having a heart attack…but we were ok.  Deep breath Shannon.

This morning my Mom calls and said they were going to bring in someone from Infectious Disease to see if they could figure out what was causing the white blood cell counts to be high.  I asked if they had ultra sounded the gall bladder and she didn’t know.  The report was cath postponed until Wednesday.  More waiting.  Yuck.  Now, I should also say that my parents live about an hour away, so it is drivable but in less then 60 minutes, I can’t get there.  Both parents told me to go to work and go about my day, no need to take time off when the procedure wasn’t happening yet. 

Phone rings again at 8:52, Dad’s GP ordered blood work to be done again to see where the numbers were.  Things looked good so they were taking him in for the cath at 930.  No way I can get there in time.  My Mom doesn’t want me to rush, doesn’t want me driving while worried and upset, and I’d have to drive the 30 minutes home to get my hubby and kiddos.  So here I sit and wait.  As I write this it is 10:45 and still no update.  I know that this procedure is very routine, but what it tells us is what I am worried about.  If you are praying people, say one for my dad that there isn’t anything major going on.  I will keep you posted, and promise to get you those pin reviews, but for right now…check out this pin I found from Women’s Health, 8 Ways to Protect Your Ticker.  With my family history, I can say that I actually do all of this on a regular basis and my review of this pin is DO IT!!!!!



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