Pinny Pig 1 month-aversary!! Pinterest reviews from Shannon


Happy Month-aversary!  I feel like I should have gotten you candy, but that seems like it would defeat the while purpose right?  LOL!  Well, I want to start by thanking all of you for your thoughts and prayers last week with my Dad.  We are very happy that the doc gave him a clean bill of health, and he doesn’t need any further treatment.  Makes my heart happy that his is healthy(ish).  Doc said that he isn’t as young as he used to be, so he will have a little more in the “aches and pains” department, but that it is always better to be safe than sorry, so we can now all really breathe a sigh of relief.

Workout fun this week…I have to say, I have been killing it with my at home workouts!  I am really proud of both the hubs and myself!  We have been taking time to make sure we each get our workouts in, we are listening to our bodies about when we need to do a little more or a little less and we are making sure we incorporate a rest day every few days.  I even tried after two weeks, to get my feet “looked at” or “checked” or whatever they will call it when someone is free to help me at the running store, to no avail.  This week though it wasn’t for lack of trying.  So I have decided to move on with that as a Pinny Pig goal  as I never thought about the retail side of it, silly me, assumed I could just walk in and they would be waiting to help me with no other people around to consider.  Hopefully SOON I will have magically fitting running shoes!

Workouts this week we are going to try…I am going to try this thigh thinner from Self Magazines Calorie-blasting Kettlebell Kickboxing Workout.  Now, I don’t actually own kettle bells, so I am going to use a 10 pound dumbbell.  It seems like something I could easily incorporate into my regular circuit workout.  I am starting to see my legs take on a new shape, which is nice…slowly but surly I am getting there.  The other pin I am going to try this week just showed up in my email today from Fitness Magazine.  It is Alison Sweeney’s Couch Workout.  I am actually really, REALLY excited about this one.  There are days when I feel SO guilty about working out.  I leave work, pick up the kids, get home, make dinner, walk the dog (which is a fun family activity), then we get home and the hubs and I take turns working out, then its just about bedtime.  We squeeze in cuddling or bath time and then we are off to sleepy town, don’t even get me started on nights where the girls have their activities.   So this workout is one that I can do while sitting and chilling with the kiddos.  It doesn’t require me to overtake the TV to play my DVD’s and it requires basically a giant rubber band so I feel like the kids will get on board fast!  ha ha

Spa fun this week…I do love the way a good scrub feels!  The brown sugar and honey facial scrub was AWESOME!!!  I like to dress them up too since you make more than enough for multiple uses, sop we started with a trip to the trusty old dollar store to get a cute little jar, and went to work.  We had everything else we needed at home already.  My face felt so soft and smooth after using the scrub.  I highly recommend trying this, if for no other reason because its fun and soothing.  And after the week I had last week, soothing was a nice change of pace.  The other pin I tried was an at home whitening for my teeth.  Now, the link I found called for doing it once a week, and since I have had two weeks to play with this I think  the delay in the review was good.  I have to say though, I really don’t see that much of a difference yet.  The peroxide makes my mouth feel coated, but it is cool to see all the bubbles.  On a scale of try again to must do…this falls on the try again if I thin about it.

This week in Spa land…with summer coming (hopefully) it brings with it shorts and shorter skirt weather.  I am of Welsh-English-Scottish decent so the first few weeks of summer is hard.  My blazingly white legs seem dayglow at times…why not try to defeat that with a little DIY At Home Self Tanner?!?!  Before you get too scared, we will do a trial area on my tummy…the land that sun forgot (and that no one sees if I turn a weird shade of orange).  I am not a fan of tanning beds, and most self tanners are scary.  This is all stuff that I have at home and I just figure, why not?  Since I will have sponges out already for the tanner, I want to try this nail polish trick too.  I LOVE to wear my sandals, and I am religious about painting my toe nails from week to week.  The girls and I almost ALWAYS have perfectly painted toes in the summer and this ombre technique seems like it would be a lot of fun peeping out of my sandals.  Plus, added bonus, it allows you to use two colors at once, which is HUGE to my four-year old.

Have you seen any pins that you would recommend?  See you next week!

Yours in The Journey!




3 thoughts on “Pinny Pig 1 month-aversary!! Pinterest reviews from Shannon

    1. smbf925 Post author

      Thanks for posting them for me to pin!!! I am going to keep with that one for a few more weeks and see if I notice an improvement! I may drink too much coffee for anything to really help. 🙂



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