Pinny Pig: Pinterest Reviews by Shannon: Easter Edition


Better late than never right?!?!  SO last week kind of kicked my butt.  I was sick (still have the cough) and was trying to finish taxes (like Jessica) and then needed to do the old EB thing.  Whew, happy to say that all seemed to be successful minus the lingering cough.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday (if you celebrate).  Mini me was up at 515 eager to see what EB had left for her.  I was able to keep her in bed until 545ish and then nature called.  Once we were in the hallway she saw the paw prints leading down the stairs and it was game on.  I was worried with all the festivities and eating that I would be sitting at my desk today regretting some choices, but after the day we had…NO WAY!  The Easter bunny usually brings a lot of outdoor type gifts, so we were busy little bees yesterday.  Thanks to EB we played egg hunt, gardening, badminton, whiffle ball, and we did these on a loop.  After dinner we did the daily dog walk and I ended my day with over 22K steps on my fitbit.  I was exhausted.  The hubs went back to bed after basket craziness was done…but I stayed the course with Mini so we both gave out around 845 last night.


Workout fun this week…So down to the nitty-gritty.  How did the pins go this week.  Well workout wise, they were entertaining.  The thigh thinner is a great workout, and as far as I could tell it was just fine with the dumbbell as opposed to having a kettle bell.  There is a move in the Biggest Loser workouts similar to this so I actually did it  a lot more (I think) then planned. BONUS!  I will admit that with all my walking, regular workouts and these new moves…my poor little legs feel like they are always on the verge of burn out, even with rest days.  The other pin we had on deck this week was Alison Sweeney’s Couch Workout.  This is where the laugh come in.  A few years back our first cat, Mr. Nelson C Fuzzybritches, got sick and decided to take it out on the corner of our family room.  We got him a nice Rx which did the trick…but if you know cats you now what a spray to a on-box area does.  The hubs, he wasn’t having it so a week before we were to have a house full of guests he took a knife to the carpet and cut out the offensive section of carpet.  WOW!  I mean, it did the trick, but now we had this exposed piece of subfloor and the party day drew ever more near.  We decided to lay hardwood.  This wasn’t a bad thing, we just decided to do a portion of the room to start, went and bought what we needed and set to work.  By the party, it looked great!  We have since decided to finish the room and are stockpiling supplies for summer.  Anywho…I digress.  Our couches happen to be placed on the new hardwood floors.  So when attempting most of these exercises, I got the extra added workout of holding in place the sofa that wanted to slide around the room.  It did allow me to  try to workout without taking away from the kiddos…and there was lots of support if you call their shrills of laughter as I slid around on the floor with the couch in tow support, so I think maybe this one is better suited to a place with a little more stability then what my family room can offer. 🙂

Spa fun this weekDIY self tanner.  This one was not the success I had hoped for.  There was some “shading” but overall I am not patient enough to do this one on a regular basis.  And even though I was hoping for some “non scary legs” before summer is officially here… I will stick to my SPF and the joys of the sun and vitamin D to get my “color.”   The ombre nail trick is also meant for someone with far more patience then I have, especially with mini in tow.  I think if I was doing it on my would have been better (read easier) but I can’t say no to my mini me.

For the upcoming week I am going to peruse pins to try.  I am thinking it is time to open up a bit and not just focus on spa treatments and workouts…so look forward to new areas of pins being tried.  I am also feeling like it is time to share more of me with you!  (Ego much hahaha).  So Pinny Pig is going to go bi-weekly so that I can share more of my adventures with you as well!

If there arte ins out there that you want to know if they really work before delving in, be sure to let me know!

Yours on The Journey!






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