Get Active America Week! What are your plans?!?!

shannon the journey

Did you know that in the grand old US of A that there is actually a week dedicated to being active and fit?  I mean, I know that we shouldn’t need a dedicated week to know that being fit and healthy is the way to go, but there is actually a week where it is more pronounced than ever!  I first found out about this awesome week when I changed jobs three years ago.  I am lucky enough to work someplace that truly embraces health and wellness.  They have what I call the gym (free to all staff, faculty  and students) and the “fancy gym” which had a monthly cost but is discounted for staff, faculty and students.  Every year as part of Get Active America Week the “fancy gym” opens their doors and lets anyone on campus use their facilities and take part in their classes for FREE!  And if you have been reading my posts you know I love almost all things free!

Usually once they announce he list of classes I sit at my desk and plan out what classes I am going to take when, but I haven’t done that yet this year.  It’s not that I don’t want to take part of the free classes, but for the first time in a long time ever we have a really good routine going at home and I just plan don’t want to disrupt it.  The hubs and I have been doing really well at making sure we get our workouts in every night, and that we make sure we have a rest day each week…and this week as something new, he kicked me out of the house.  Not literally, but in the best way possible.

I have mentioned before my love of running (hence my Pinny Pig quest to find the right shoe) and I have missed it.  So last weekend I decided to download the Cough to 5K app onto my phone.  It had been awhile since I ran and I knew that once I did it I would be starting over.  I even bought a pair of fancy gel insoles to try out in my old running shoes.  So when Monday rolled around and it was a beautiful day, I came home from work to find my girls snuggled in bed together reading, my hubby starting his workout and myself feeling displaced.

My hubby says “Why not go for a run?”  As is my tradition when I KNOW he is right, I instantly get upset and throw a fit (wonder where the mini me gets it).  So I hemmed and hawed, changed my clothes, laced up my shoes and set to it.  Within the first few minutes I was so happy he suggested it!  It all came flooding back, why I love running.  Don’t get me wrong, this program starts with intervals, but I found myself watching the countdown clock in the “walk” sections waiting for that little mechanized voice telling ,me to run again!

When I was at the end, and coming back towards home in the final cool down stretch…there waiting for me was my hubby and mini me in the front yard.  They had the new whiffle ball and bat out and were hitting it around, but when they saw me they did their own little cheers for me.  I was so grateful in that moment.  I hit it gain on Wednesday (when the temps were not nearly as nice) and plan to hit it again tonight even in the rain.  So that is my big plan for next week…to move onto week 2 and the challenges it brings.  I think I have found a nice pattern of run one day-strength train one day, and will continue on this path with Sunday as my rest day.  I find myself looking forward to the running days already.  It’s good to have this feeling again, this fire in my spirit!

What will you do to get a little more active next week and beyond?!?!

Yours on The Journey!


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