Pinny Pig Kiddo edition

I am SO glad that May is finally here!  It means that Mother Nature doesn’t have a choice, she has to start playing nice and giving us more and more days that are warmer and warmer. It also means more outdoor time with the kiddos, which I love.  I am loving it even more as Jessica finishes off her “No Electronics Week.”  I feel her pain, my 12-year-old is what I am guessing is a very typical tween.  She has her head buried in her phone texting her friends on our car ride home from school…you know those friends she JUST saw and already misses so much that they have to text non stop.  We get home and she heads to her room to plug-in her iPod and listen to music while she does homework.  If there is no homework…she gets on her kindle and reads or pins.  Now, don’t get me wrong, she is active.  She plays soccer on two team so has 2 days of practice a week and 2 days of games, plus she does horseback riding, but I told her last week at least 1 person that she texts with each day she needs to call and actually TALK to, novel concept right??!!  It’s almost as bad with the 4-year-old as she comes home looking for the iPad.  Now, the 12-year-old defends her kindle use as “reading is enriching and educational,” and the 4-year-old has a multitude of educational apps that she plays…but even too much educational enrichment can be bad.  Wait, did I just say that?!?!  YES I DID!!!  With the warm weather upon us, I have implemented an outdoor policy after school.  As long as the weather is cooperating, we are outside playing, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, whatever for as long as we can be before it gets too chilly or too dark.  Homework can wait a little while some days.

maddy soccer2014-04-21 18.48.03

Now, I am blessed with the type of work my hubby and I do.  We both work in higher education and have pretty decent schedules…but in the summer, hold the phone!  I get SO jealous, because he gets to stay home during the day (at least 99% of the summer) and be with the kiddos.  There are some days he HAS to be at work during the day, so I stay home.  My schedule throughout the year is 7-230/3 so I am able to get home early compared to most parents, so we each get to spend LOTS of quality time with the girls in the summer; and I think that starting this new outdoor policy is a great segue way into summer and the amount of time they are going to be “electronics free.”  Like Jessica said, as a kid, I was outside all day all summer.  You checked in at home (personally) and refueled, but for the most part we were out and about until the street lights came on.  I want that same freedom for my kids!

With that being said, I also know that we can’t be outside ALL the time.  There are days like today where it is cold and rainy.  YUCK!  That is where today’s Pinny Pig pins come in.  We are a craft loving bunch at our house, and we have found some cute things on pinterest that we have been pretty successful with.

snowmen names turkey plates turkey handsWe have also started our own little home business Ardeline Arts & Crafts where we make cute customized, what I consider Pinterest worthy projects!
aunt spring blocksSo this week I have pulled some pins of projects that can be easily done with the kiddos on those rainy days.  I will be working on these with my kiddos and feel they are great rainy day projects to keep you busy, device free, and interacting with your little ones.  Now, as a reminder, my girls are 4 and 12 so finding things they will enjoy together is sometimes tricky…so I have pulled 1 for each of them individually and then 1 they can do together.

For my big girl, who loves her devices but also loves making bracelets in all forms, I found this idea for something fun and colorful to do with your ear bud cords.  It is a DIY Tangle-Free Headphones with Embroidery Floss.  She can even experiment with mine if she wants since I am using mine much more now with my new running schedule.  For my mini me, I want to try this paper bag kite pin that I found.  A rainy day project that will benefit an outdoor activity later.  Win-win!!  Now this next one may be a bit ambitious, but I thought why not.  Another 2 birds 1 stone project…something fun for the girls that will also result in downsizing storage bags, I found this t-shirt rug project that we will at least attempt.  I also want to try this for our business stuff, how cool would that be?!?!  Also something else summer themed…maybe this crabby sign, or these fun summer stars.

Yours on The Journey!

Shannon Fujimura

Shannon Fujimura


2 thoughts on “Pinny Pig Kiddo edition

  1. fitnessmomwinecountry

    Shannon, I love reading about moms who are “crafty”. I am not one of them, in fact I am pretty horrible at crafting {and baking} but we love being outdoors. Living in California we have good weather almost year round, but rainy days you can find us cozied up watching a good movie or two and enjoying some popcorn 🙂



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