New Cycle Playlist! …and some fun songs to get kids moving!

Jessica photo for The JourneyIf you are a person that gets motivated by music…pay attention.  😉  We have a NEW playlist for you that is for cycling.  And parents…this month we are working to bring you tips, stories and resources that might help your kids get moving more and get that healthier lifestyle that their little bodies will appreciate in the years to come.

We have 2 playlists today…one for you adults…and one set of groovy tunes for your kiddos.  We all need motivation and sometimes we get stuck playing the same ol’ songs during our workouts.  Today you will have a chance to step it up a notch with some new songs!

music-by-the-journeyCycle Playlist:  I seriously could listen to music for an entire day trying to figure out what to do with the song…and if it starts to make my hips move while I am in the kitchen making lunch I know it is a great song for class.  🙂  The playlist today has 6 songs that I use in classes and includes one example of what you could do as a workout with the song.  *You could do this workout on a regular bike but jumps are not possible on all stationary bikes*

Burn by Ellie Goulding (I use the regular version but there are remixes out there too).  Great song to warm up with…as the tempo gets faster you make your legs move faster, get that blood pumping and play with the resistance so you can figure out the bike and the settings for class.  We usually start the resistance nice and light since this is a warmup.  You can find the video for the song here: Burn music video

Back in Time by Pitbull.  Our legs are a bit warmer so we can move.  🙂  There is a part in the song that is a string of 8 notes at time .22 and at this point we stand up and run for about 10 seconds.  Sit down, crank up the resistance so it feels like mud and quicksand that we are pedaling through.  At 1:00 turn the resistance down and get ready for another run at 1:18.  2:00 sit down.  2:09 run.  2:47 stand up and climb up the hill until the end of the song.

Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix).  Working on some endurance with this one.  At .53 resistance is about 70% (can feel just a tad) and we pedal as a sprint until 1:23.  Active recovery of just a nice easy pedal.  At 2:00 we start to increase the speed again to a medium sprint and at 2:32 it is an all out sprint until the end of the song.

Animals (original mix) by Martin Garrix.  5 minute climb.  1st minute is recovery with a nice steady pace and resistance down just a bit from the previous song.  If on a stationary bike you can do this sitting down.  On a cycle bike you can stand for all, some or none.  Start at a low resistance and get that speed up.  At 1:08 increase resistance just a tad.   1:52 do another increase on resistance and try not to slow down.  3:00 resistance goes up to a point where it feels like you are in mud or quick sand.  Pace will most likely slow down just a bit but stay focused and get it in your head that you can do this.  Seriously…it’s 2 minutes and then you can relax.  Just breathe and focus on that “I CAN!” attitude.  4:15 is your last chance to turn it up.  We are at your max at this point.  Just keep going and breathe.

Shake by Mercyme.  *this is a song to help you recover and also get you excited to be exercising again…cause sometimes a climb takes that out of ya 😉  *  Resistance nice and low and now we are just going to jump.  At .56 you go up for 2 counts and then down.  Hands go from position 2 to position 3…and you need to make sure that your legs are doing the work and that you aren’t pulling with your arms.  Jump until 1.56 and then sit down and keep those legs moving while they are in that active recovery mode.  Last set of jumps starts at 2:31 and goes until the end of the song!  You can check out the song at the video below…and shake.  😉

Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy) by Tobymac.  Rolling hills are ahead and this is where you have to push yourself a bit.  We will start off with a climb and the resistance will be nice and high (think mud) and your focus is on your form.  You can be standing during these climbs or sitting.  At .54 sit down, turn the resistance down and sprint as fast as you can until about 1.08.  Go right back into that climb and heavy resistance and do it right away…don’t give yourself a break.  At 1.45 sit down and sprint as fast as you can until about 2.06.  Right back into that climb and heavy resistance and stand it up.  Stay here and think about your form…cause I’m sure you are tired by now.  At 2.47 we have one more sprint so sit it down, put that resistance low and fly until 3:20.  Listen to the song here: Tobymac Catchafire song

*Be sure to take a few minutes and cool down while still pedaling those legs on the bike!*

Now for the kids…cause I KNOW some of you moms are just wondering what other songs are really out there to play because you have now heard the same song over and over about 5 kazillion times.  Am I right?!  Not sure I really can hear “What Does the Fox Say?” or anything from the Frozen soundtrack one more time.  I’m done with those just like the dad in this video 😉

So here are a few alternatives that my kids truly adore or have adored…and they don’t make me go to a point of wanting to scream.  One is great for those in the potty training stage…and is just meant to be funny.  😉  Check out all the songs below…and I’ve even included a few of the videos that I could find so you could see them right now and get your kids hooked on a new tune.

#1:  Me Without You by Tobymac.  This is one my kids love to dance around to…they even have little actions to go with the song where they squat down, jump up…they just don’t realize they are doing an exercise called squat jumps.  Shhh…it’s our secret!

Check out the video!  Tobymac Me Without You Video

#2:  Go Fish Guys.  These guys might as well have had a room in our house and secretly lived there…because we had this stuff on all the time while we did day care.  Not only are they Minnesota dudes but they are fun, exciting and their songs are fun.  I’ve seen them in concert a few times and actually met them when they were just starting to get into the kids side of the biz.  There were thousands of moms in a room dancing to them at a MOPS conference…and it was odd because it was kids songs but it was loads of fun!

Stories by the Go Fish Guys

Itsy Bitsy Spider (remix style) by Go Fish – animation on video by someone else but is pretty cool

And moms…if you are looking for a song that is just for you…these guys have it too…so leave that laundry there and dishes on the counter and take a sec and just dance.  Here is a song dedicated to you.  🙂  Mom Song by Go Fish Guys

…and now the song that those of you going through the potty training stage will understand.  You must be ok with potty humor…if you aren’t…don’t listen to it.  😉  It is called Poopsmith (and our family thinks it is hilarious). You can listen to the song here – and smile…cause it’s funny.  🙂  Poopsmith song

We have other playlists too…check out the other resources on our website at our FREE Workouts & Songs page!


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