Fortunate Cookie


Have you ever had those moments when you just step back, look at life and think, wow?!?!  I feel like I have been having more and more of those moments lately…which in case you don’t know is pretty awesome!  Sometimes things just happen at the right time and everything is clicking and falling into place and it’s just amazing!   Over the past few months, there have been little changes in my life that have made it so rewarding…for starters the hubs and I had a real “A-ha” moment about our own health and lives and started making change for the better.  Small changes…big picture.  It wasn’t long after that I was cruising through Facebook pages, and stumbled across a challenge that caught my eye.  I noticed it has already started but emailed to see if I could still join up.  That one message is what brought me to this wonderful blog with Jessica, Cori and Jenny.  It has been great being able to contribute with a group of people that have similar ideas and values…it keeps me motivated in a different way from my own personal blog.

So a few weeks ago, we decided that with school coming to a close soon, and warm weather (hopefully…maybe…finally) getting here that we should do a focus on kids!  I mean, the small humans need to be challenged to stay active too, right?!?!  As if my divine intervention, I sat to start a draft of this post earlier this week and was looking for some sort of inspiration.  I opened my email and had not 1, but 2 different messages about kids and health.  The first came in with the subject line “How Healthy is Your Family” and included a quiz, How Fit is Your Family? Then I got an email from another site (focused towards the mini me) with the subject line Your b4 year old: Get Fit Together.  This made me laugh because MY 4 year old likes to be the coach when we do the Biggest Loser workouts.  She pretends to be either Bob or Gillian and sits on the couch “You can do, just 5 more.”  She also keeps me up and moving as she is an activity hound right now.  We have started working on bike riding with no training wheels.  more on that in a later post!

I was like…really!  I mean really!  Can we have this kind of subtle psychic connection to the lottery please!  HA!  This is one area of my life where I can see everyday that things are working.  For example.  Yesterday, we hit 89 degrees!  WHAT!  Crazy…after being 50 degrees on Monday, but I will take it!  So, coming home from dance class with mini me, the conversation goes like this:

Mini: What is Dadoo making for dinner tonight?
Me: He isn’t, he is at a work function…we need to make dinner.
Mini: Oh, ok.  <long pause> What are we making?
Me: What would you like to make?
Mini: Salad.  I will be in charge of getting and placing vegetables.  You can wash and cut.

And just like that, we went home and made a big chef salad for dinner for the family…and EVERYONE ate it!  So exciting.  To top of dinner, we took the dog for an almost 2 mile walk.  To be fair, mini me rode in the stroller for the walk since she had danced for an hour and a half before dinner.  My big girl, was fueling for a big soccer game that is tonight, but had some good running around outside time with friends.  I am blessed.  How fortunate I am that even my kiddos are helping me make better choices.  Is it that I am leading by example more than I realized…or are they teaching me?  Either way, I’ll take it!

Yours on The Journey!


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