SMILE!…cause we’ve got free stuff (:

Jessica photo for The JourneyYesterday I was enjoying my afternoon with a tasty cup of Narrow Road Coffee when…my dog started barking and jumping at our door.  This was just his warning that a stranger was nearby…but it did shock the UPS guy, quite a bit.  I saw his face.  🙂  Our dog when he stands up is as tall as the UPS guy…and can give quite the scare. (sorry about that dude!)

I just assumed that the box sitting outside was for my hubby…but it was for YOU!!!!  (the details are below on what the free stuff is!)

May Giveaway.jpg

Find the Giveaway at

That’s right…it was for all of you groupies here at The Journey.  Well…at least a few of you.  Here is how you can get in on the free stuff.  We’ve got a few options for ya.  🙂

  1. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  Anyone already subscribed is in already.  How do you sign up?  We have a special link…right here…just click it and fill out the form.  Then…BAM…you are in the drawing.
  2. Follow this blog.  There is a little word that says “Follow” on the right side of the blog posts.  Click it and follow us if you don’t already and comment that you are now here!.  (hint…it will tell you if you already are a follower.  Right now there are 940 of you…and that is pretty awesome!).  For you 940…write a comment already…come on!  There are about…oh, a handful that comment…we need fist fulls of you.  So, if you follow already we need to see a comment on this post.  K?
  3. Write a comment right here on this post how someone made you smile…and be sure to put their name down (and yours too…don’t have the comment be from anonymous because well…we can’t give the prize to you then.)
  4. Your last option…share this post on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.  Take a sec and comment that you did it and where.

There ya have it…you have 4 chances to get your name in for this free stuff.  Each numbered event above gives you another chance…so you could have 4 entries.  How awesome is that?!!!  Oh…but you only have until May 31st to get entered.  At 11:59 pm that day…the contest is over.

So what is the free stuff?!  A sample pack of Clif Bars!  The box that was dropped off was filled with a huge variety of awesome tasty goodness.  Clif Bars are one of my favorites and I use them as some special treats sometimes for myself.  Num. Num.  I’ll be posting pics of the items throughout the week once I take them…but don’t wait for the pics.

connectThanks for being part of The Journey!  Take a sec and follow our blog so you don’t miss our posts coming up.  You can also find us at the following places:




12 thoughts on “SMILE!…cause we’ve got free stuff (:

  1. Angie Piper

    I already follow you guys on facebook, Instagram, pinterest and get newsletter but im sharing on facebook!! 🙂 Someone made me smile yesterday just by smiling and saying hi while I was doing my walk/jog. It made my day because I was just dumpy for some reason and I didnt wanna do my walk anyways but I did to clear my mind and that smile&hi changed my whole day!! Happy day to all!!!! 🙂


  2. Margaret

    Shared on FB. follow on FB and newsletter. Twitter- not even sure how to do that yet. I’ll work on the smile one tomorrow.


  3. tinlizzi

    I saw an old friend in passing @ Menard’s, but htey were involved in a conversation with someone else, but she signed me I ❤ U! No words could replace that gesture (well maybe adding in a hug), but I couldn't help have a smile in my heart & on my face for the rest of the day! Random joy ❤



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