Where is the time going?!?!

I cannot believe I TOTALLY missed posting to you al last week!!!1  I stink!  I gotta say though, it is a great thing that you are so busy being active that you can’t sit in front of a compute and type, right?!?! We have been moving and shaking on my house pretty much non stop over the past few weeks.  We have had soccer (lots of soccer), dance (big rectal this weekend), just plain outdoor fun and the hubs and mine regularly scheduled workouts! 🙂

What I love the most about the weather being nice is I can easily use it as a reason (read excuse to the pre-teen) to make the fam get outside and do stuff.  I am very lucky that my hubby has a job that allows for SIGNIFICANT flexibility in the summer.  I work from 7-230/3 and he stays home running Daddy daycare.  The 4 year old is already a week into the fun of being off of school and doing fun things everyday with Dadoo…art projects, shopping trips, sandbox time, library, etc.  The pre-teen still has a few more weeks to go before she is freed from the shackles of school.  By being able to get home by around 330ish though allows is LOTS of outdoor time with the kids…which means no TV, no Kindle, no Ipod…just being outside running and playing and having fun.  Yes, there are chores to be done but even those can be more fun.

Take yesterday for instance, the lawn needed mowed.  I LOVE mowing the lawn, and haven’t been able to much yet because the hubs has been home…or it was mothers day and it was “off limits.”  So I told the hubs I was going to do it, not to do it during the day.  Our neighbors needed done too and the wife works long days babysitting grandkids and the husband works 5pm-3am so I decided to pay it forward and we would surprise them and do their lawn too.  Got home at 330, changed and mini and I set off.  I gassed up my mower, she “gassed” up her mower (with bubbles) and we set to mowing the yards together.  She was so excited when the bubbles actually came out, our bubble mower has had some rough times over the years…but it just made it that much sweeter when it worked and made her excited to be outside and helping.

After we mowed, I wanted to get a little more yard work done and she was having fun outside so she busted out the bike…then the scooter…then went to play on the play set.  We spent the better part of 3 hours outside in the fresh air moving!  It was awesome!!!!  Today I am only working a half day (victory) so once I am done giving exams, I am heading home to play before we pick up big sister from school.  I am thinking that with today being a run day for me…that maybe we will take mini’s bike over to the park and she can ride the bike path and I can jog along with her.  Another healthy win-win!  Plus we still have all day after we get sissy to play and have fun.

Yours on The Journey!


shannon the journey


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