June Challenge…are you up for it?

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Today we are chatting about our latest challenge that we have for you at The Journey and…well…some of those other challenges that I see some of you signing up for…cause I have some concerns.  But first…

We just finished up an entire month of posting tips, videos and special to-do’s for you to do with your kids.  Yep…we did.  We know that those precious little ones will be out of school soon (or already!) and us moms need to stick together and share ideas with eachother.

Oh, you missed it all the tips?  That’s cause it was on Facebook and out of 800+ of you who “like” us over there…Facebook showed these to about 30 people.  There were a few days that about 90 of you got the info…but not many.  I refuse to pay (and have no money) but will put a recap right here on our blog next week so you can see all the tips as well.  Have no fear!  You too can survive summer and get those kids active even if you aren’t on Facebook.  😉

61119-Abraham+lincoln+quotesThe Challenges I See:  I’ve also been reading…and seeing what you all post on Facebook and pin on your boards at Pinterest…and click “like” on that you are going to do during the month of June…and some of those challenges out there are great.  I think it is wonderful that people put these out and spend the time putting all this together for people who want a challenge…but if you look closely and compare them to what the recommendations are for exercise, most don’t fit.  And if you are a person who is still in that beginner stage or you have thoughts like “I don’t know how to do that” running through your head, these are also not really aimed at you.  In fact, I’m actually scared for you…because you have the potential to get hurt and there is a huge chance that you won’t finish, which might even make that self-doubt increase.  They say these challenges are possible for anyone but if I had $100 to bet on you finishing the challenges that I see for the month of June…you won’t finish it.  In fact…I doubt you will even get to day 15.

Why?  Why do I say such things about these challenges?  Well, I’ve tried them.  I’ve failed at many.  I’ve even gotten hurt by trying the famous plank challenge that was oh so popular a few months ago.  Yes, you can get hurt doing too many planks and not resting enough.  I know what thoughts are going through your head because I had them too.  I know how hard these exercises are and the pain that is associated with them as you try things for the first time.  I know that when a challenge is there and I see the words “do each set 3 times” and it lists something like 50 side leg lifts and about 10 other things to do…I know that is 30 minutes of my life where I am doing something for some reason that I don’t truly know and understand why, and I really won’t enjoy it.  And when that same sheet says  “and cardio at least 4 times a week” I already know that I am doomed.

Most of us doing these challenges are looking for something to get us started or a boost and you just want something to get you going.  But really think about what you are signing up for and what level of fitness you are at.   Then, doo one more thing…go see if the person who wrote the challenge is a personal trainer or certified fitness instructor or if they are just a “salesperson” for a company selling some type of fitness or diet type of items.  Many of those people have a title called “coach” but don’t have a certification from a place like NETA, FiTOUR, Y USA, etc.

My Tips for Month Challenges:

  1. Do your research first…who wrote the challenge?  Does the challenge follow the recommended guidelines for diet and exercise?  Are they certified in some way to provide this information?
  2. Figure out if you the challenge will be successful for you…What is your fitness level?  What is your goal?  Should you wait a month or two until you are truly ready?  Do you have any injuries to adapt the exercises for?  Are you committed and ready to make time to finish this all the way?
  3. Make the challenge work for you…If you are a beginner who hasn’t done much for exercise…you really need to start small or you run the risk of quitting all together.  Take that challenge and put in a rest day every other day.  Tweak the exercises so they work for your fitness level (ex.  pushups should start at the wall or an elevated surface if you can’t do them on the floor).
  4. Figure out the time during the day for each week when the challenge will work for you and make it an appointment you won’t skip.  Use those calendar apps, those alarms, your handy dandy calendar you carry around and write it down so it becomes a priority and not a thought.

fitness challengeChallenges at The Journey!  At The Journey, we do things a bit different with challenges.  Lucky for you…we also have one starting in June.  We aren’t selling anything though, this challenge is based on what is recommended for exercise and has your health in mind in regards to what you are eating and drinking.  I am a certified fitness instructor and teach sometimes up to 7 classes a week and also work with women one-on-one in my gym at Real Results Gym…and have been through this journey all my own.  

Check it out the June Challenge at The Journey!  If you want to sign up for it…it starts June 1st…so go do your research, figure out what YOUR cardio is and when you would do it and what YOUR strength training is and when that works for your schedule!  (Keep reading below if you need ideas for cardio and strength training) You can find the info for our June Challenge at this link: june challenge real results gym

14 day challenge day 1We also have some other challenges that we have created over the last year that are great for anyone!  Some are geared for beginners…others for just using your bodyweight…and even more that focus on specifics…like not consuming as much sugar or even getting rid of pop.  You can find all of these at our Challenges Page.

Our Goal is for you to succeed!  Our goal isn’t to sell you something, add you to our coaching team or get thousands of people to sign up for a challenge.  Our goal is to help others make small changes that will help them reach the big picture for their life.  We want you to see that you can make these changes happen and that you can be successful with having a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s get these challenges that are out there into check and help keep people safe, encouraged to keep going and help them realize that they are strong already…and they truly can start moving more if they have the right challenges in front of them.

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