Got Kids? A month of activities to do with your kiddos this summer.

Jessica photo for The Journey Just this afternoon my Kindergartener said, “I’m going to be home all summer!  What am I going to do?”

We aren’t going to use the “B” word (bored) in our house this summer…and to make sure that my little princes and princess have plenty to do, the moms at The Journey came up with a list of what we can do with the kiddos this summer.

During the month of May we shared through our Facebook page lots of activities, food ideas and all sorts of fun that is possible.  Don’t have kids?  Don’t think that this post has nothing for you because really…you can do all these as an adult too. 

family plank night20+ things that you can do with kids this summer!

  1. Give the kids a blank notebook and go for a walk.  On the walk the kids can stop and draw something that they see.
  2. Get some more of the good stuff in those little bodies.  Read how one of our writers does this with her kids at this link.
  3. Have your child pick out a meal for the week and let them help make it…from scratch. You can even have them help find the ingredients at the store.
  4. Go Geocaching!  My family enjoys this activity together and have found over 300 secret treasures around our community and even in some of yours!  The tiniest treasures are hidden all around you and are found by using GPS coordinates.  The kids not only learn how to navigate but it is like their very own treasure hunt.  You can find out more info at
  5. Ride bikes!  My daughter and I just went to a free bike clinic in our town and learned how to make basic repairs…and then went with 3 other women for a 10 mile ride.
  6. Food is a big topic in our house…and to help with making things fun and yummy for the kiddos we started a Pinterest board that is full of ideas. Me, personally, I’m not patient or creative enough for some of these ideas and my Angry Bird fruit plate would probably look more like Elmo. But moms, we try…and that is all that matters.  And if the kids are learning healthier eating habits that they can use for their future years…that is much more important than how things look (in my opinion). Today we are sharing our Pinterest board with the ideas we have found so far. We add to this often…so follow the board or send us things to pin too! *Jessica
  7. Climb trees!
  8. Go to a park and have the kids make an obstacle course that they demonstrate and then the parent has to follow.
  9. What food is marketed and more kid friendly than CEREAL! An article recently came out about the sugar content of cereals and is something that you really need to take a sec and read. Cereal is big in our house with the kiddos…and now it will be looked at even closer and will be something that we work on over the summer to help limit these overly sugared foods.   Personally…I don’t eat cereal. I don’t drink milk and the only cereal I remember to like as a kid was Life. Amazingly…I have survived without cereal. So, before you start to say that you can’t live without it in your house…Yes you can. It is possible and there are actually some great alternatives out there. Here are a few that you could try for breakfast: eggs, oatmeal, smoothies, greek yogurt with granola (we have a recipe on our blog for that!). Check out the article and let us know what you thought about it!
  10. Jump rope.  This is an activity that kids can master and us parents…well…we need practice as we grow older.  
  11. THE CRAB WALK! Such a great activity for kids to move and build strength. Grownups…I dare you to try it too!   This was a pretty popular day care activity that the kids would do and our house has kindof a figure 8 pattern on the main floor so we would even have races.  If kids need help, support their back with your hands and help them make a table.  Have them move their arms and legs so that they mimic a crab walking.  Helping your child hold up their bodyweight is a great modification that will help them get stronger for this exercise.
  12. Have a Family Plank Night!  
  13. Give your kids a goal and see if they can jump that high. It is great exercise and they think it is fun. 🙂
  14. On a walk together see if you can find all the letters of the alphabet and go in order.  Look at all the signs, words on houses and mailboxes and even on cars as they drive by.
  15. Plant a garden and have kids be in charge of a specific vegetable!  They can pick out the seeds or the plants at the store and they are in charge of weeding the row too.  When it comes time to harvest…they get to pick what they have grown.  And just like the story with the red hen…they can eat it too.
  16. Play H-o-r-s-e as a family.  Make those kids work hard for those basketball shots and also show off your mad shooting skills.  😉
  17. BEAR CRAWLS!  We were waiting for yoga yesterday and had the entire room to ourselves…so I had the kids do bear crawls. This is so much easier the shorter you are. My boys had a blast. My daughter…not so much. In fact, can you hear what she says? Check out the video of them working on these moves:  
  18. Head to the pool and work on those swimming strokes.
  19. WATER! Add water to your kids’ play. I’m not talking about the drink, although that is important too, I’m just talking fun. Today…I just got to sit back and watch my kiddos have fun with water. Filling up buckets, squirt guns, using paint brushes to “paint” the playhouse, watering the plants with their squirtguns or buckets…that all takes work. They were moving and getting that exercise in but it truly felt like play.  Enjoy these warmer days…and let the kids have fun with water. 
  20. Have a family game of catch.
  21. Put actions to music and let the kids move! Example…run for 10 seconds for a fast portion if a song, slide or pretend to skate, hop or jump, tip toe, walk talk or even gallop. Lead by example and kids will follow along.This is just a fun one. In fact…this is a song that I played for my classes this week because, as it says in the song, “a little sweat never hurt no one” and “move your body”. I dare you to play this and NOT start to move. It is just a fun song. Best way to do this one…play it on a device where your kids can see it and just practice the dance, work on moving that body and then have a piece of fruit when you are done! It’s almost like you are Beyoncé from 2011.

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