Being REAL and RAW…it might be time

Jessica photo for The JourneyI’m trying to sleep but my mind is racing tonight.  Caffeine is not the issue though…my creative juices start flowing and for some reason it always happens at night…when I have to get up in 5 hours..or in this case, less.  My mind just won’t stop thinking and shut off so my eyes can close for a bit.

Tonight is just one of those nights.  I’ve learned to take hold of it and just go…cause there is some reason behind it and someday I’ll understand what that was…but for now…I’ll just tell you what my mind is thinking.

My thought tonight is about The Journey and all of you…your stories…and what I hear as you talk to me about how feel about your own journey.  I hear from many of you when you are at a point where the information is more overwhelming than providing any good,  the thoughts of you and your body can’t do are possibly dragging you down lower than what you physically are truly capable of doing at this point in time.  Some of you have hit your low and know that having help with your journey is more out of necessity rather than just a thought anymore.  Some of you have all the info…but no idea what to do with it.  Some of you see your families making choices that you know are leading to a path of obesity and you want to hold up a sign and scream for them to follow you on this other path instead.

real.jpgWomen are tired of feeling incomplete and not good enough and feel like they are facing the perfect picture that they believe is in front of them in the media…and they can’t believe they are beautiful themselves based on what they see in the mirror because “photoshop” is not an option on their bathroom mirror.  Fear truly becomes a factor in many of your lives and hits when you know you need to do something different but you are just too scared to make it happen…it is gripping you and holding you back…and you know it.  And the women that have told me they are crying…or I see your tears…I feel your pain.  I really, truly do.

And this is what is racing through my mind:

The Journey is alive because of the women today.  These women are real and raw…but many keep it hidden.  Women are fighting for love and beauty and self acceptance but don’t realize the person next to them is struggling just the same.

Moms are holding the future in their hands, literally…walking and talking…and teaching those little ones what they know.  But, what happens when the mom is lost?  What happens when the mom is struggling and crying?  What happens to the futures of those little people when they don’t have a solid path to walk on in their own journey?

Let’s join up with women…support them in their journeys and cheer and cry alongside them.  Let’s teach the women…all of them, including the moms…who will teach the kids…who will continue to change the world in a positive way.

Let’s be REAL and drop the fake.  Let’s be raw and open with when and how we need help…and grab the hand next to us and walk the journey together.

Are you being REAL?  We all don’t have a mountain that is secluded where we can scream at theStress-Its-been-lovely-scream.jpg top of our lungs all the stuff that is on our mind and deep in our chest.  The stuff we are mad at, scared of and what is just ticking us off…but if I could build you that mountain I would because I know some of you need to get this out and you are ready to be real and raw.

My mountain alternative is this…If you need to take that step and just let it out, share your thoughts of who you think you are, who you try to be, how you are scared, stressed, hurt, unmotivated or just stuck…just let it out and write it down.  Cry, laugh, yell…put those emotions and thoughts down about your journey that you are struggling with and just let it go.  Share it with a friend or neighbor and be real and raw together and quit doing all this fake stuff.  If you don’t feel comfy cozy sharing with someone around you, send it to me at The Journey at …and just be real.  Its all confidential and won’t go past our inbox.  I will read it…I will listen…and if you want, I’ll send you a message back.

This is your chance to let it out…share your thoughts and feelings that are bottled up about your own journey and then…start fresh.  Leave that old journey behind and find that new path that will work.  We will walk with you, will listen and will hold up that sign helping you know which way you need to go if you are looking for those directional signs.


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