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Jessica photo for The JourneyI have the pleasure of knowing some very amazing people who do some pretty awesome things. Today I am sharing with The Journey one of my favorite people…because she has helped me in so many ways. Her words. Her passions. Her thoughts and desire to help others…I think we could secretly be sisters…cause we think in similar ways. She got the design and creative side in this fake family though because she is just amazing with that type of stuff. I try but sometimes the thought is far as I get. My hubby even said yesterday, “are you doing a plank wall just so you get a like from Jennifer Jensen?” I was not…fyi…but I do like the “likes” from her. 😉

We are also going to share the winner of our May Giveaway Right NOW!  We had LOTS of entries…and many of you posting some pretty great stuff…and joining us for our monthly newsletter…which just means you are getting info before everyone else here at The Journey and maybe a few special things.  😉  So without any more of a wait…our winner for the May Giveaway is…(our winner was posted but didn’t claim their prize…so stay tuned for a giveaway in July!)

I’m going to let her share a bit of her journey with you and in the end…find out how you can get some free stuff. Ok…it isn’t just free…it is “really cool, amazing, hand crafted & helps other people” kind of stuff!

 Take it away Jennifer!

jennifer jensen

Jennifer Jensen

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

Maya Angelou

We lost one of the greats recently. Maya Angelou was a philosopher, a leader and a lover of words. This thought of hers is one of my favorites. Not because it’s just inspirational but because it’s a challenge. The verbs she uses, jumps, leaps, penetrates, designate action. Because isn’t that what love is? A verb, a call to action.

This is the Noonday notebook that I got my daughter for Christmas.  It is adorable!

This is the Noonday notebook that I got my daughter for Christmas. It is adorable!  *Jessica

About six years about I set out on my own journey. I had my husband pull our small camper to a remote area of a campground for a weekend and with my Bible, a notebook and my trusty Lab companion I set my heart and mind on a mission. A tugging had started in my heart that I couldn’t ignore anymore. A gentle voice was whispering that there’s more and I was missing it. I dug deep into His Word, I prayed for understanding and wisdom and I cried out for His plan for my life. It would be so dramatic to be able to say it all came clear at that moment and a much neat and tidier story. But as I’ve learned so often, God doesn’t always work in the neat and tidy.

Romans 5:3-5…

Not only so, but wealso glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”

The next two years became a time of character molding. Through trials I was leaning on the Lord. Amidst the storm came hope. And as hope filled my heart, the Holy Spirit now had room to whisper the journey that I was intended to lead.

It started like a persistent drip after that. Drip, drip, a friend mentioning a book that will change my life…drip, drop, a need for help from a stranger that strangely tugged at my heart…drop, splash, a cry late at night over children that have no arms to hold them…splash, flood, a hunger that couldn’t be fed to DO SOMETHING…and all of a sudden I was drowning. Sputtering for air, arms flailing wildly, calling out for help.

And just like God, he heard. So with a little trepidation I made a wild move out of my comfort zone to jump, leap and penetrate walls to love people around the world and bring them hope. As an Ambassador with Noonday Collection, I can give hope.

Brightly Wound Bracelet

Brightly Wound Bracelet

The good news is you can too. By partnering with our artisans around the globe we can empower them to grow a sustainable business for themselves. Your purchases of fashionable jewelry and accessories provides food, shelter, education, medical care and hope for a brighter tomorrow to families that so often are forgot about in our society. (see the photo at the end of this blog post for more details)  But I can’t do this alone. I need partners. I need voices to share our artisan’s stories of redemption. I need you.

Today I’m partnering with Jessica and The Journey to give you an opportunity to give hope. If you purchase over $100 in the month of June you will receive one of my top selling necklaces, the Bethe Rope necklace FREE. The hands of women in the Ento Mountains of Ethiopia create this beautiful piece. Made with upcycled artillery shells melted down into tiny beads and constructed in the way it has been done for generations. It is a reminder of redemption, taking what was originally made for harm and recreating it into something beautiful.

Also available today is one of my other favorites, our Funky Beads bracelet made with love out of recycled paper beads from our artisans in Uganda. If you make any purchase over $20 in the month of July, you will receive a Funky Beads bracelet as my gift.

Each day we are given the beautiful gift to love someone else unconditionally. Is it work? Most definitely. But I challenge you today to make love a verb. Jump, leap and penetrate walls to love. The journey will make you full of hope.

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

 So…to sum it up…here are the deals that Jennifer at Noonday is offering all of you groupies here at The Journey:

  • June giveawayJune – stop on over at Jennifer’s website during the month of June and if you purchase over $100 you will receive the Bethe Rope necklace FREE! This is a $40 value and really is an amazing necklace with an amazing story. You can find this necklace and many others at this link:

funky.jpgNow…I thought I would give you a little insight on what I like…just so you know that I am in the know of what these products actually are and the purpose…and to show you a little bit of my style (which isn’t much since I am almost always wearing yoga pants). So, what are my favorite products from Noonday? I could seriously just browse this website and drool all day long. These are a few of my favorites though!

How do you get in on this deal?

  1. Go to Jennifer’s website at
  2. Find what you want to buy.
  3. Check out!
  4. Enjoy your item. (ps…we would love to see you with your item…so send us a pick at

And…Thanks!  Know that your purchase is helping others around the world…which is a pretty amazing thing!  You could say…that you are a part of their journey too.  😉

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