How Much Do You Eat In A Week?…and What?

Jessica photo for The JourneySometimes seeing what we are doing is what we need…especially for those of us who learn by watching.

I watched this video today and was skeptical…I must admit.  I always look at videos like this with one eye and kindof dissect things…see if there is a hidden product that they are trying to sell…and “one of a kind” type of workout that will give you all the answers.  This isn’t one of those videos though and is pretty REAL.

A few REAL people track what they eat…everything!  One week of what goes in their body.  Some of the people are exercise enthusiasts who don’t miss a workout.  Others are on the other spectrum that really aren’t sure what the purpose of exercising is.

Watch.  Share.  Comment…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Do You Eat In A Week?…and What?

  1. Sarah j.

    I love this!!! Wish I could do this experiment myself! I actually did major in nutrition in college… So this is a huge area of interest for me. Part of the reason I really enjoy working at weight watchers! I do track my food intake.. It’s second nature for me 🙂 I like to focus on the things I should be eating (all those greens!) rather than what I should not be eating. Being aware of what I eat helps me to feel SO much better and enables my body to perform at top capacity because I feed it the right fuel! I have learned that using good for anything else… Boredom stress loneliness, whatever, doesn’t do any good. Anyway, seeing the weeks worth of food slid out on a table sure is interesting!


    1. mominminnesota Post author

      Isn’t it!? Tracking food is so hard for me…so I don’t do it. It just frustrates me. But, if someone took a table of what I ate that would be a shocker and hit the point I think. The lady with the coffee was my favorite. 😉 *Jessica



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